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Goodtrip's GS-67 M/T is a mud terrain tire that's designed for use on Jeeps, light trucks, and SUVs. Angled tread blocks and an aggressive tread pattern enhance traction and performance on rough off-road terrains such as mud, dirt, and rocks, and the GS-67 M/T's tough construction and rubber compound work together to increase strength and durability for a longer tread life.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for use on Jeeps, light trucks, and SUVs
  • Built with an aggressive tread pattern that increases traction and performance off-road
  • Features a self-cleaning design that forces mud, dirt, rocks, sand, water, slush, and other debris out of the tire for consistent traction and to protect the casing from damage
  • A tough rubber compound and construction enhances strength and durability for a longer tread life
  • Large, durable tread blocks improve grip and handling capabilities

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