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    A subsidiary of Japan’s Bridgestone Corporation, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company has existed for more than 100 years. The tire maker is a preferred partner for many OEMs and manufactures tires for passenger cars, minivans, CUVs, SUVs, light trucks, OTR, and farm vehicles. Not limited to only a handful of tire categories, the Firestone brand is present in different categories such as all-terrain, all-season, winter, summer, all-weather, mud terrain, and commercial. The FR710 is a popular all-season tire with an impressive performance to its name.

    The Firestone FR710 tire is designed to be used on coupes, sedans, family vans, CUVs, and SUVs. An economical option for OE tires, the FR710 is M+S rated and comes with a wide footprint that not only enhances stability, cornering, and controllability but also improves comfort and reduces noise levels. It uses a long-length carbon structure for resisting tears, cuts, and snags that boost longevity. High-strength yet flexible construction delivers superb grip, traction, and year-round performance in dry, wet, and light snow.

    So, how does the Firestone tire manage to deliver the performance it claims? Let’s find out the answer in this Firestone FR710 tire review. Read on.

    Features and Benefits

    All-season tires are engineered to deliver superior traction in dry, wet, and light winter weather conditions. They feature a balanced compound that resists the changing weather and returns optimum performance. The FR710 embraces most of these traits.

    • Improved traction – The all-season tread design features a ribbed-pattern and open-slotted shoulders for consistent grip and traction year-round. While the wide footprint boosts cornering, the deep shoulder slots and four circumferential grooves aid in the quick removal of water to avoid the risk of hydroplaning. The use of CO-CS (computer-optimized component system) maximizes its performance by optimizing the combination of casing shape, tread design, construction, and materials.

    • Quiet and comfortable ride – The Firestone FR710 uses a single continuous strand in its bead construction that greatly improves the structural uniformity, resulting in additional ride comfort. The optimized tread pattern limits soundwaves from traveling inside the cabin and helps you return a quiet ride quality.

    • Longevity – The continuous shoulder ribs promote gradual, even wear that leads to enhanced longevity. Long link carbon technology avoids cracking, tearing, and chipping of the tread as it uses a special long-length carbon structure for extra durability. Also, the CO-CS system and durable casing aid in improving its service life.

    The limited tread life warranty of 65,000 miles from Firestone is a big plus with the FR710.

    Pros and Cons

    Along with the positives, there are some negatives associated with the FR710 as well. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the tire before we have our final say.


    • Backed by a 65,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty
    • M+S rated for confident performance in mud and snow
    • Wide flow-through circumferential grooves and deep shoulder slots to resist hydroplaning
    • Continuous shoulder rib for excellent wearability
    • Single continuous strand used in bead construction for optimum ride comfort
    • Wide footprint improves cornering
    • Solid center rib for better handling and stability
    • Long-length carbon structure to resist cracking and chipping
    • CO-CS system for improved safety and maximum performance


    • It cannot be used in severe winter weather conditions as it does not have the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certification
    • Not suitable for off-road drives

    SimpleTire’s view on Firestone FR710 tires

    In a nutshell, the Firestone FR710 (starts around $113) is an excellent choice for the owners of passenger cars, family vans, crossovers, and entry-level SUVs and light trucks as it offers quiet and comfortable ride quality, improved traction and grip, enhanced handling and stability along with solid longevity.

    It competes with the likes of the General Altimax RT45 (starts around $99), and Falken Sincera SN250 A/S (starts around $82).

    Vehicles the Firestone FR710 is an original equipment tire for

    The FR710 is an original equipment tire that comes factory-fitted with vehicles such as Toyota Yaris, Pontiac G6, Chevrolet Cruze, Chrysler 300, and Toyota Sienna.

    Vehicles the Firestone FR710 is a good replacement tire for

    The Firestone tire can serve as an excellent alternative to OE tires for cars like Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, Mazda CX-3, and many more.














    27 SimpleTire reviews

    Verified Customer
    Sep 20, 2020

    Factory specs Winter is TBD (to be determined) I'm very please with purchase ðŸ'

    Verified Customer
    Aug 15, 2020

    Verified Customer
    Jul 15, 2020

    As long as the alignment is right and suspension components are correct you will get long wear out of these tires

    Verified Customer
    Apr 23, 2020

    I just purchased a set of four of these tires today, and I took my Chevy Cruze out on the freeway to give them a test to see how they felt, and the ride was just super and quiet as well. I am very happy and I can't wait for the first rainy day to see how they will handle on a wet pavement -- just great, I would think. This is a great tire for the money and has a very good warranty at 105,000 km! Thanks Firestone,

    Jay S
    Verified Customer
    Mar 6, 2019

    Bought these for my 89 VW Cabriolet. They feel great, and have a smooth quiet ride. I live in Omaha NE and they have been good in the snow, not great on the ice however, but what is good other than studded. Very happy with the tire, price, and delivery.

    Verified Customer
    Sep 25, 2018

    Love these tires. They handle very well. Love the ease of ordering tires on this site

    Verified Customer
    Aug 25, 2018

    Great tires and very good durability. These are my third sets of Firestone tires.

    Verified Customer
    Jul 21, 2018

    Generally a good all around tire

    Verified Customer
    Jul 14, 2018

    Love these tires.

    Verified Customer
    Jul 14, 2018

    Simple Tire shipped my Firestone tires on time and I am very pleased with their performance. The handling is much better than the Goodyear Integrity that were initially on my Toyota and I am awaiting another tire sale to purchase another set of Firestone tires for my wife's Infiniti.

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