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Champion Spade Grip R-2

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Get technical:

The Firestone Champion Spade Grip R-2 is a premium tractor tire specially designed for those who are looking for self-cleaning capabilities and optimal traction. Ideal to drive in deep wet soil conditions like rice paddies and sugar cane fields, the Firestone Champion Spade Grip R-2 won't let you down when it comes to wet and slippery surfaces. It features 45-degree extra deep treads which gives you better traction in deep water and soupy mud. To ensure that nothing gets stuck in between the lugs is the curved tread bars. The bolstered nose of the tread bars and the buttressed tread bars allow the Firestone Champion Spade Grip R-2 to enjoy longer treadwear. This is further enhanced by the special rubber compound and flexible rubbered sidewalls which make the tire highly resistant to weather cracking, tire erosion, and stubble puncture. The Firestone Champion Spade Grip R-2 can be driven at 25 mph and has a maximum load capacity of 2340lbs.