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51 SimpleTire reviews

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2020 LT Trail Boss
Verified Customer
May 13, 2022

Worst tire I've ever owned. Cupped after 7k miles, Cooper wouldn't even consider a swap unless I bought a new pair and sent the ones I bought in for evaluation. Horrible tire and horrible customer service by Cooper. STAY AWAY!! Horrible vibration, and yes I rotated my tires as recommended.

Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 2002 LT
Verified Customer
Oct 1, 2021

Surprisingly quiet for a mud tire, and ride very smoothly on my duramax. 100% pleased with my purchase!

Ford Excursion 2002 Limited Premium 4x4
Verified Customer
Apr 27, 2021

Tires are awesome

Toyota Tundra 2018 TRD Pro w/aluminum wheels
Verified Customer
Mar 17, 2021

You will never find an affordable better quality durable long lasting tire that cuts through any weather effortlessly! Cooper Tires are the best tire you can buy and get your money's worth!

Verified Customer
Jan 3, 2021

I've been running these on my Toyota tundra since I got it back in 2009 and I gotta say they've never let me down.. Ever! Just like every other MT tire you have to keep them rotated every 5000-10,000 miles if you want them to wear even. This winter we got like 8 inches of snow with ice underneath, people were in ditches wrecking, all along I didn't spin a tire. I recommend these to anyone. My only grip is when I first started buying these you could get them for about 260.00 a tire and that's for 295/70r18 now they are 314.99 a tire. I see Kumho just redesigned their MT tire and they are around the 250 mark anf from what I've seen and read they're pretty good, might have to give them a try next go round! Cooper sst pros are worth the money so don't think I was saying anything bad about them lol, I'm just cheap I guess!

Verified Customer
Dec 15, 2020

Got these tires a year ago and they are holding up very well. I drive a 2019 Toyota Tacoma and the only issue I had with his tires on my truck why is when I Put too much weight in the bed coming from Pittsburgh to New Jersey The tree on the back tires wore a lot

Verified Customer
Sep 16, 2020

I've had a set of these for almost 2 years now and there's still plenty of life on it. I drive a Toyota FJ Cruiser with a 3" lift and i decided to make a change from BF Goodrich KO2 LT285/70R17 to Cooper Discoverer STT PRO LT305/70R16. I love the way it looks on the truck, very aggressive looking and perform well on trails. I've taken these tires to trails in Colorado, CA and Arizona and it hasn't failed me once. I've taken this on long road trips from LA to Oregon, through heavy rainstorm and felt completely safe driving up and down the mountains in harsh weather condition. This will be the first set or many, i plan on getting another set when this gives out. Great job Cooper!

Verified Customer
Aug 15, 2020

Put these on a 2015 Jeep Wrangler air down and off-road the best tire I have bought they are better than my iroc super swappers.

Verified Customer
Jul 7, 2020

I have these on my 99 1ton Cummins and they handle the torque exceptionally well. They grab mud awesome which is what I need out of them since it's a farm truck/daily driver. I've got 30k miles on them and they're hardly wearing down at all. They do whine a little bit going down the road when you get over 60 but the positives far outweigh the negatives. Couldn't recommend them more.

Verified Customer
Mar 21, 2020

Would not recommend these tires had them put on my 2017 alumduty and the handle on them are pretty rough and way too noisy you can't even have a Conversation in the vehicle with out yelling. And the tires are heavy and give bad fuel mileage so all an all I'll never buy them again the price is not worth it. So I don't Know how all these guys are giving these tires good reviews.

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Get technical:

The Discoverer STT Pro is an all season tire that's designed for use on light trucks and SUVs and offers drivers off road traction and performance.

Features & Benefits

  • All-season tread
  • Raised White Letter or Black sidewall depending on the tire's size
  • Features Armor Tek3 construction for added durability

Drivers who enjoy spending their free time on trails often want a tire that's able to get them there, and the Discoverer STT Pro from Cooper Tires was built with these drivers in mind thanks to it's strong on and off road capabilities. Alternating shoulder lugs strengthen traction in mud and other soft surfaces, and the Discoverer STT Pro's mud release dimples force out loose soil and mud to further strengthen grip. Built with inner tread ribs that reduce noise and increase stability, the Discoverer STT Pro is engineered with an Armor Tek3 construction for added durability.

Mileage Warranty
Load Index
2679 lbs/2469 lbs (115/112)
Max Speed
100 MPH (Q)
Load Range
E (10 Ply)
Tread Depth
Inflation Pressure
80 PSI
Part Number
Section Width
Rim Range
Overall Diameter
Tread Design

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