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Pickup trucks and SUVs – they’re everywhere. So many millions of people have opted for a full-size pickup or SUV for their main vehicle, and they have certain needs and expectations for tires. For most drivers of SUVs and trucks, light truck all-season tires are the way to go. They offer car-like levels of ride comfort, low noise and road manners with year-round traction and long treadwear, and since most daily-driver trucks don’t really leave the pavement very often, there’s not a dire need for mud and snow traction for offroad use.

Continental has forged a heck of a reputation for performance and value over the years, and the TerrainContact H/T is no exception. This is a tire that can get the job done for most drivers and most vehicles, with attention to detail and quality that’s second to none. But what is it that makes this tire so great? Let’s have a quick in this Continental TerrainContact H/T review to help you determine whether or not it’s the right tire for your vehicle.

Features and Benefits

  • Large, stable shoulder blocks boost cornering performance and overall durability
  • Computer Optimized Pattern Shifting in tread pitch helps cancel road noise
  • Continental’s proprietary +Silane tread compound is engineered for damage resistance, long wear and great traction
  • Traction Grooves help boost winter traction by biting into snow and slush
  • Circumferential grooves and notches help remove water from the tire’s contact patch to avoid hydroplaning
  • Available in sizes from 16” to 22”
  • 70,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty and 60-day trial period
  • 2-ply polyester casing with twin steel belts and dual spiral-wound cap plies for stability and long wear

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional ride quality and low noise
  • Long tread life and generous treadwear warranty
  • Excellent traction on dry or wet roads
  • Great build quality and workmanship
  • Advanced tread formulation


  • More expensive than some competitor tires
  • Not great in heavy snow or muddy off-road conditions

SimpleTire’s view on Continental TerrainContact H/T tires

Continental has been making premium all-season and touring tires, as well as summer and ultra-high-performance tires, for cars for a very long time. It’s just natural that they would take some of the lessons they’ve learned and build on that experience for their light truck and SUV tires. The TerrainContact H/T is a tire that offers everything you’d expect in a luxury touring tire for a car or crossover, except it’s a light truck tire with the robust load rating and tough construction that goes with it.

The TerrainContact H/T is simply a great choice for late-model trucks and SUVs, with exceptional tread life and value.

Vehicles the Continental TerrainContact H/T is a good replacement tire for

Meant for use on pickup trucks and SUVs, the TerrainContact H/T is a natural fit on vehicles like the Chevrolet Suburban, Ford F-250, Jeep Gladiator, Land Rover Defender, Nissan Titan, RAM 1500, and Toyota Tundra.














6 SimpleTire reviews

Ford F-150 2017 xl-4x2
Verified Customer
Mar 12, 2022

Very nice, better than expected.

RAM 3500 2017 SLT 4x4 (DRW)
Verified Customer
Feb 27, 2022

I have never in my life written a tire review. These tires are complete gold! Continental? If you are actually reading this, DO NOT CHANGE A THING WITH THESE TIRES..EVER! Why? Ive driven 250,000 miles on 5-6 different brands. I run freight on a ram 3500 dually and flatbed trailer so i have MILES under my belt. These tires are AMAZING! Im at 60k miles, rotated every 8k miles. I have another 30k miles EASY! these tires have carried me thru MULTIPLE extreme snowstorms. The traction control technology thats built into these tires are UNMATCHED! Im extremely impressed. I would be lucky to get 40-50k out of a set of the others. I tried firestone twice (like a dumbass) then nexxen (they only got me once) so then i go to Michelin (way to soft, not worth the money anymore) then these continental's wound up on my radar. Like i said, i have more miles under my belt than most people drive in a lifetime. My advice is accurate. You will not be let down with these babys!! CONTINENTAL? LEAVE THE DAMN TIRES ALONE....THEY DONT NEED TO BE REFINED!!

Ford F-350 Super Duty XLT 2017 4x4 (DRW)
Verified Customer
Feb 18, 2022

I've put about 20k on these tires and the balance and shaking is just awful. I've had them at two different shops, they've been balanced 3 times, road forced twice, and they have balanced differently each time and only 1 of 6 tires has passed road force. The bouncing is just terrible. Performance wise they do well in most weather conditions. They performnvery well in snow; I was actually surprised there. But, due to their inconsistent balance and extremely high road force values I'm about to removen them and put different tires on...they've simply awful to ride on at highway speeds. I would not buy them again.

Nissan Titan XD 2018 Platinum Reserve
Verified Customer
Jul 9, 2021

Ordered at 10:00 pm Sunday evening. Delivered next morning at 9:00 am. Continental is very impressive brand. 10 ply LT?

Verified Customer
Aug 20, 2020

Haven't had the tires long enough to reflect onTread life. Won't have experience until winter to reflect on winter traction. Harder riding than passenger tires but I'm driving a truck. They are great.

Verified Customer
Aug 25, 2019