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Continental ProContact RX - SSR

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Designed for use on coupes and luxury performance sedans, the ProContact RX - SSR from Continental is an all-season tire that offers drivers better braking and traction performance in dry and wet weather conditions plus a quiet, comfortable ride.

Features & Benefits

  • All-season tread
  • Black sidewall
  • Backed by Continental's Total Confidence Plan which includes Road Hazard, Limited Warranty, Customer Satisfaction Trial, Flat Tire Roadside Assistance, and Mileage Warranty (restrictions and limitations apply)
  • Built with a unique tread design that improves traction and steering response
  • Features Continental's Self-Sustaining RunFlat technology that assists drivers during a puncture or pressure loss

Finding a tire that performs year-round is a must for most drivers, as they typically don't change their tires with the seasons. Fortunately, all season tires are designed to give drivers consistent traction and performance in dry, wet, and winter weather conditions, and that's exactly what the ProContact RX - SSR from Continental does for drivers of coupes and luxury performance sedans. A unique tread design improves traction, and the ProContact RX - SSR also boasts better handling and steering stability. A computer optimized design reduces road noises to improve ride comfort for drivers and passengers, and the ProContact RX' - SSR's low rolling resistance boosts fuel efficiency so that drivers spend less at the pumps. The ProContact RX - SSR features Continental's Self-Sustaining RunFlat technology that assists drivers during a puncture or pressure loss by allowing them to drive for up to 50 miles at speeds no greater than 50 mph so that they can get their tire replaced.

Mileage Warranty
45 k
Load Index
1235 lbs (88)
Max Speed
149 MPH (V)
Load Range
Standard (SL)
Wet Traction
Tread Depth
Inflation Pressure
51 PSI
Part Number
Section Width
Rim Range
Overall Diameter
Run Flat
Tread Design

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