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    Headquartered in Kyobashi, Tokyo, Japan Bridgestone Tires was founded in 1931, and it is the second-largest tire manufacturer in the world with its noted presence in more than 150 countries. They are known to produce all-weather, all-terrain, winter tires, and other tires for a wide range of passenger, commercial, and off-the-road vehicles in addition to motorcycles and aircraft. Additionally, Bridgestone also owns some highly-reputed tire brands, which include Firestone, Fuzion, Daytona, and Europa.

    The Bridgestone DriveGuard is yet another accomplished all-season passenger tire that is ideal to be used on sedans, coupes, minivans, CUVs, and SUVs or anyone who is looking for enhanced luxury with self-supporting, run-flat capabilities, and increased year-round traction, even in light snow. But is the DriveGuard the right tire for you? Let’s take a look at this Bridgestone DriveGuard review.

    Features and Benefits

    All-season tires perform exceptionally well in areas that receive moderate temperatures year-round. Similarly, the Bridgestone DriveGuard performs well in dry, wet, and light winter weather conditions while delivering a firm grip on the road. All-season tires are also known to offer better-rolling resistance for enhanced fuel economy. Let’s take a look at the Bridgestone DriveGuard tire review to help understand all its features and benefits at a glance:

    • Improved tread wear: This tire has a NanoPro-Technology that creates a stiff, heat-resistant material which offers improved wear and snow performance.
    • Reduced hydroplaning: The open shoulder slots on the DriveGuard make sure to reduce the chance of hydroplaning even when tires are worn.
    • Enhanced traction: Full-depth sipes help to maintain balance on slippery roads by providing additional traction.
    • Optimized steering response: The asymmetric tread pattern and inboard design tread blocks offer confident vehicle handling.
    • Reduced noise: The innovative tread pattern helps deliver a quiet and comfortable ride for its passengers and drivers.
    • Run Flat Technology: The tire features Bridgestone's DriveGuard technology which allows drivers to go up to 50 miles at speeds less than 50 MPH after a flat, puncture, or pressure loss so that drivers can keep going after a flat.

    The wheel size ranges from 15-inch to 20-inch which makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of vehicles on roads today, including compact cars, mid-size sedans, performance sedans, coupes, minivans, and crossovers. Plus, it is backed by Bridgestone’s 60,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty for H-, T-, and V-rated sizes, and 50,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty for W-rated sizes.

    Pros and Cons

    The DriveGuard indeed is a great tire that offers drivers excellent traction and handling performance year-round. But is this really what your vehicle needs? Before deciding to buy the Bridgestone DriveGuard or not, let’s first drill down on a few factors that can help you decide whether or not the tire is right for you.

    • DriveGuard technology allows drivers to go up to 50 miles at speeds less than 50 MPH after a puncture or pressure loss
    • NanoPro-Technology for excellent grip year-round
    • Open shoulder slots and full-depth main grooves provide consistent water evacuation for a better-wet grip
    • Asymmetric pattern and inboard design provided great handling and a quiet ride
    • Long tread life with a 50,000 or 60,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty depending on the tire’s speed rating

    While Bridgestone makes a good claim about DriveGuard’s performance, some shortcomings may divide opinions.

    • The ride is firmer than its closest premium competitors
    • Tread noise is a slight issue on rough pavement
    • Not ideal for use on icy surfaces
    • Only available for passenger vehicles

    SimpleTire’s view on Bridgestone DriveGuard tires

    As a leading manufacturer of passenger cars and crossovers, Bridgestone covers a large portion of the vehicle tire market. The DriveGuard is a passenger all-season tire ideal for use in dry, wet, and light snow conditions. Additionally, DriveGuard features Bridgestone's next-generation run-flat technology ideal for replacement on TPMS-equipped vehicles that may or may not have come with run-flat tires fitted from the factory.

    The durable all-season compound promotes great vehicle handling and increased hydroplaning resistance. DriveGuard also helps deliver a comfortable ride. Additionally, the innovative cooling fin design helps dissipate the heat generated during zero-pressure areas.

    Although Bridgestone DriveGuard is a great choice for all-season touring tires.

    Vehicles the Bridgestone DriveGuard is a replacement tire for

    This tire is an ideal choice for a wide range of vehicles on roads ranging from compact cars, performance sedans, coupes, minivans, and crossovers. If you drive a Chevrolet Equinox, Honda Accord, Toyota Sienna, Mazda Cx-30, Kia Telluride, or Ford Edge then this is a tire that you might want to consider.














    17 SimpleTire reviews

    Verified Customer
    Aug 12, 2020

    Verified Customer
    Oct 22, 2019

    I was pleasantly surprised how road noise is improved over my previous set of Bridgestone tires. This is a dramatic decrease in road noise. I liked the price as well compared to some of the other tires that are out there.

    Verified Customer
    Sep 7, 2018

    Grips the road very nicely and smooth. Shows little wear over time. Handles well.

    Verified Customer
    Aug 30, 2018

    Smooth and noiseless.

    Verified Customer
    Aug 13, 2018

    Gave one-star for "winter traction" because there is no category (as there should be) of ice traction and ability to brake on ice. The tires were horrible on ice. On snow, they were satisfactory. For severe northern weather conditions, I do not recommend.

    Verified Customer
    Apr 3, 2018

    This is my first tire replacement for two back tires. The front tires were replaced approximately 4 months ago.

    Verified Customer
    Feb 9, 2018


    Verified Customer
    Jan 23, 2018

    Verified Customer
    Dec 11, 2017

    Verified Customer
    Dec 11, 2017

    I do mostly highway driving and average 75 mph with no traffic. Feel very safe and sure with these tires. worth the extra money spent

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