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Founded in 1995, Amerityre has an innovative product line of forklift, skid steer, hand truck and bicycle tires. Amerityre has developed polyurethane-foam tires; these closed-cell tires never go flat and never need inflation, making them ideal for low duty cycle applications. Starting in 2003, Amerityre started developing Elastothaneâ„¢ elastomer technology, opening up a whole new field of forklift, skid steer and agricultural tires.

Polyurethane foam tires have an entire list of advantages other than the fact that they never need inflation:

They are UV and ozone resistant, for industrial environments Polyurethane tires will not absorb water and degrade in wet environments Long service life due to high abrasion resistance High-density material means an excellent load capacity

Amerityre also makes tires for medical and mobility devices, pivot irrigation equipment, seeders and other agricultural uses.

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