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    Founded in 1972, Westlake Tire belongs to the Tireco Inc. family and offers performance, value, and quality-oriented tires through its range of tires. Westlake is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world and produces various types of tires ranging from all-season, all-terrain, and mud-terrain tires for passenger cars, performance vehicles, light trucks, SUVs, and CUVs.

    An all-season tire can be termed as a do-it-all tire for your vehicle as they typically offer better-rolling resistance for enhanced fuel economy. The Westlake SA07 Sport tire is an all-season tire that delivers a quiet, comfortable ride with year-round traction, even in light snow, to the owners of coupes, sedans, CUVs, SUVs, and wagons.

    An added advantage is that the tire is backed by a 45,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty, meaning that you can drive with peace of mind when you’re on a Westlake SA07 Sport tire. But is this the right tire for you? Let’s take a deeper look at this Westlake SA07 Sport review.

    Features and Benefits

    This is a tire that features four wide circumferential grooves and tread blocks with cross siping to improve wet traction and promote even treadwear. If you live in areas that experience moderate temperatures year-round, you will need a set of tires that perform well in dry, wet, and light winter weather conditions as that is a must-requirement for changing weather conditions as that can make it difficult for your tires to grip the road.

    Let’s take a look at the Westlake SA07 Sport tire review to help us understand all its features and benefits at a glance:

    • Long-lasting tread life: The SA07 Sport has a symmetrical, all-season tread design that delivers better wear and tread life.
    • Enhanced vehicle control: A rigid, minimally siped, center rib enhances lateral stability and control.
    • Optimal traction: The cross-grain siping pattern aids in increased traction.
    • Reduced hydroplaning: Four wide, longitudinal grooves enhance traction on slippery roads, preventing hydroplaning.
    • Minimal noise: The flexible body and slotted shoulder tread design reduce road noise for a quiet ride.
    • Year-round performance: A durable rubber compound and touring tread pattern promotes even wear and extends tread life.

    You can trust the Westlake SA07 Sport if you are looking for an affordable tire that doesn’t skimp on performance. The tire size ranges from 16 to 22 inches. Additionally, it is backed by a 45,000-mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty that gives you enough road satisfaction and value for money.

    Pros and Cons

    Before deciding whether to buy Westlake SA07 Sport tires or not, let’s first drill down on a few factors that can help you decide whether or not the tire is right for you.

    • Improved tread life
    • Enhanced control and stability
    • Increased grip and traction year-round
    • Optimized wet traction
    • Reduced noise

    While Westlake makes a good claim about the SA07 Sport’s performance, some shortcomings may divide opinions.

    • Not ideal for use in moderate to severe winter weather conditions
    • Only available for passenger vehicles
    • Does not offer great traction on ice

    SimpleTire’s view on Westlake SA07 Sport tires

    The Westlake SA07 Sport tire is designed to be used on sedans, CUVs, and touring cars and offers drivers sporty performance plus all-season traction. With wide circumferential grooves that help drain water quickly, the SA07 Sport's large outer shoulders ensure solid traction and boost cornering performance. Plus, the extra siping increases grip on the road, and the silica-based all-season rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance to boost fuel efficiency.

    You can consider the SA07 Sport for a quiet, comfortable ride with year-round traction, even in light snow. If you are looking for an alternative that delivers an increased tread life warranty (60,000) and great traction you can consider the Laufenn G FIT AS LH41 at a slightly higher price range.

    Vehicles the Westlake SA07 Sport is a good replacement tire for

    Commonly used on passenger vehicles like classic and retro cars, the Westlake SA07 Sport can be a common replacement tire for vehicles such as the Audi A4, BMW M3, Chevrolet Impala, Dodge Charger, Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, Kia K5, Nissan Sentra, Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Jetta, and many more.














    196 SimpleTire reviews

    Volkswagen Passat 2017 R-Line
    Verified Customer
    Sep 21, 2022

    Bought 4 brand new westlale tires, has them for 11-12 months. Today September 21st marks 1 year since the transaction day. I've called emailed been waiting for them to contact me. I bought the tires because of the "warranty" they were advertising about! I woulda went to a Les Schwab if I know this was gonna happen

    Toyota Camry 2019 SE
    Verified Customer
    Sep 13, 2022

    Decent cheap tire.

    Mercedes-Benz SLK32 AMG base-front
    Verified Customer
    Aug 4, 2022

    Not a tire I would recommend in the snow but I have a rear wheel drive sports car so it's not driven in the winter time. over all very nice tire definitely would recommend it .

    Dodge Durango 2016 Citadel V8
    Verified Customer
    Feb 18, 2022

    Purchased these for my 2016 Durango Citadel 5.7l. They've been in for a month and I don't have anything bad to say about them. Within a week of having them installed I drive through a blizzard at its peak 32 miles to work with no problems at all. The tread grips to snow and ice very well and dry performance is great. I guess the k only negative if any is slight noise from the tread I guess, over 85 mph nothing obnoxious though just a slight rumble. I will definitely be purchasing these again.

    Lincoln MKT 2010 Base
    Verified Customer
    Nov 5, 2021

    Chevrolet Impala 2013 LTZ
    Verified Customer
    Oct 20, 2021

    So far so good, I've only had these tires for about 7,000 miles but they've been great so far. They ride a little hard, but that's to be expected on a 50 series tire on an 18in wheel in Michigan.

    Volkswagen Passat 2006 2.0T
    Verified Customer
    Oct 14, 2021

    Dodge Neon 2002 Base
    Verified Customer
    Jun 20, 2021

    Awesome, thanks ??'?

    Buick LaCrosse 2017 Essence
    Verified Customer
    May 27, 2021

    Verified Customer
    May 26, 2021

    bought 2 of these in january 2019. 40k mile warranty. I've put 20k on them and they need replaced.

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