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Zestino's Gredge 07R is a street legal racing tire for drifting and track cars. The Gredge 07R features a soft, sticky rubber compound with two central grooves for water evacuation, plus directional, angled and "lightning" grooves for lateral traction. Additionally, dimples molded into the tread toward the shoulder of the Gredge 07R let a driver easily keep track of tread wear.

Features & Benefits

  • Street-legal racing tire for drifting and track use; should not be used when temperatures are consistently below 45 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Central grooves force water out of the tread to reduce the risk of hydroplaning
  • Soft, sticky competition rubber compound for sporty performance
  • Sweeping directional grooves for great traction
  • Dimples in tread let a driver monitor tread wear easily

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