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Winter Tires and All Season Tires - What should I get?

Winter tires have evolved beyond the orginal mud terrian or mud grip tires that were placed on trucks to get through heavy snow and mud. The new tires are designed to work best in freezing tempertures by having a much softer rubber compound. Often times the rubber used in tires is mixed with elements like crushed walnut shells to give it biting grip in the bitter cold. Additional sipping channels and aggressive tread patterns have been added to give these tires the best traction in snowy driving coniditions. Snow / winter tires can also be studded. The studs are small metal spike like objects that screw into the tire treads and provide grip in icy conditions. This will assist in driving in areas that are prone to dangerous black ice or hard packed snow that is developing an icy surface layer on the road. View our inventory of winter tires and snow tires here.

All season tires are really a comprimise tire between a summer (high performance good grip in hot, dry conditions) and a wet weather tire designed to channel water in wet driving conditions. Most driving is either hot, dry, or wet making the all season tire well suited for everyday driving. While an all season tire may provide better traction in snow than a summer tire, it will not perform as well as a winter tire in the snow and ice. View our inventory of all season tires here.

Please remember that snow tires are not made to be driven at temperatures above about 40 degrees (f) – hot and dry pavement and warmer temperatures will cause them to wear out quickly. These tires are softer and may be worn out before the next winter if left on all year.

If you live in a area that gets snow fall every year, it may be wise to invest in a second set of winter tires to compliment your all season or performance tires on your car or truck. Repair costs on a vehicle due to sliding off ther road or crashing are far more than getting new tires.