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What Type Of Winter Tire Do I Need?

There are many different types of winter tires. Each one is deisgned to perform for your type of vehicle and driving condition. Winter road conditions varry and certain tires will perform more safely in each driving condition. Take a look at our selection of passenger winter tires here.

  • Soft / fresh snow on road - Most winter tires will work for this as well as good all season tires
  • Hard packed snow on road - Winter tires are recommended as well as studded winter tires.
  • Icy roads - Studded winter tires are best for this

Often times snow will melt in the sunlight during the day especially if the roads are salted and then the wet roads will turn to dangerous black ice at night when the temperature drops below freezing. Black ice is hard to see and can cause a instant loss of traction espcially when turning or braking. While studded winter tires are preffred, it is best to avoid roads that have black ice altogether.

If you drive a truck, you can get light truck rated winter tires with additional load capacity for towing and hauling. These larger and heavier tires are ideal for winter driving especially if you plan on pushing  a snow plow in front of your truck.

If you have a performance car, we carry tires designed to keep your car on the road in out of a ditch in the snow. Check out our performance winter tires here.