Popular Tires Sizes - Get the right tire size 

While the Toyota Camary and Honda Accord my be some of the more popular cars on the road today, tire sizes varry by make and model. SimpleTire.com carries all of the top tire sizes. See if your car has one of these sizes:

Most Popular Car Tire Sizes: p215/55r17  p265/70r17  p225/45r17  p225/50r17  p225/45r18

The Ford F-150 is the top selling truck in america closely followed by the Chevy Silverado and Dodge Ram. We have all of the top light truck tire sizes in our inventory. Select the tire size that fits your truck:

Most Popular Light Truck Tire Sizes:  LT245/75r17     LT245/75r16     LT225/75r16     LT265/70r18     LT265/70r17

Why Buying The Right Tire Is Important

Manufacturers put recommended tire sizes in their owners’ manuals to help you get the tire that will be most efficient for your specific vehicle.  Your car’s braking, steering and suspension are all designed and tuned for a specific tire size.

When buying tires, remember these tips:

  • Pickup truck tires are coded with "LT" on the sidewall, rather than "P". Don’t skimp and save money by putting passenger car (P) tires on your truck. LT tires are designed specifically for light trucks, with a higher load capacity.
  • Stay with your original tires’ speed rating. Tires with higher speed ratings will do a better job of dissipating heat on long drives, and heat is your tires’ enemy.

It might be tempting to upsize your tires for steering and handling performance, or just for looks, but always remember these details that can be a factor:

  • Oversize tires weigh more, adding to your car’s “unsprung weight.” Unsprung weight can have a very distinct effect on handling and performance.
  • Oversize tires also offer more rolling resistance, meaning they could cost you as much as 1 to 2 miles per gallon.
  • Tires that are too tall, with a profile that’s larger (taller) than original equipment, can affect the accuracy of your odometer and speedometer, even if your rims are still the same size.