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Sumitomo Encounter HT

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4.5741573033708 (267) 4.37 5
  • Part Number: EHT80
  • Service Description: 107 T
  • UTQG: 600AB
  • Sidewall: BW
  • Load Range: B (4 Ply)
  • Treadlife Warranty: 60000 miles
  • Type: Light Truck All Season Highway
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Sumitomo Encounter HT Overview

Light Truck All Season Highway

An all-season tire, the Encounter HT is commonly used on light trucks and SUVs thanks to its all-season drivability and 60,000-mile limited tread life warranty.

Features & Benefits

  • All-season tread
  • Black sidewall
  • 60,000-mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty for Metric and LT Sizes.
  • Tread design improves stability while also helping to reduce irregular wear.
  • Drivers who frequently commute on the highway need a tire that's able to withstand the wear and tear of many miles. Fortunately, the Encounter HT was built with these drivers in mind. Designed with a special rubber compound that allows for a longer lifespan, the Encounter HT also provides drivers with improved traction on wet roads and outstanding handling on dry pavement. Offering drivers a smooth, stable ride with low road noise, the Encounter HT is commonly used by drivers of CUVs, SUVs, light trucks, and vans.

Tire Specifications

Encounter HT Tire Specifications

Size UTQG Max. Load Inflation Pressure Tread Depth Rim Width Range Sect. Width Tread Width Overall Diam
245/70R-16 600AB 2,149 lbs 44 psi 12/32nds 6.5 - 8.0" 7" N/A 30"

Purchase includes the Sumitomo Encounter HT tire only. The wheel rim shown in the picture is not included. Picture provided is a stock picture from the manufacturer and may or may not reflect the actual product being ordered.

All Sumitomo Encounter HT tires are continuously developing with manufactured improvements. With that said, Simple Tire and the manufacturers have the right to change these tire specifications at any time without notice or obligation.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@simpletire.com

Please Note: Specifications of the Sumitomo Encounter HT tires shown above are listed to be as accurate as possible based on the information provided to us by Sumitomo tires.

Available Sizes & Prices

Encounter HT Available Sizes & Prices

Size Serv. Desc. UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Qty
245/70R16 107T 600AB BW EHT80 $487.96 set of 4 $121.99 View Details
215/70R16 100T 600AB BW EHT12 $411.96 set of 4 $102.99 View Details
225/65R17 102H 600AA BW EHT76 $487.96 set of 4 $121.99 View Details
225/70R16 103T 600AB BW EHT77 $463.96 set of 4 $115.99 View Details
225/75R16 115T BW EHT26 $575.96 set of 4 $143.99 View Details
225/75R16 108T 600AB BW EHT75 $435.96 set of 4 $108.99 View Details
235/60R18 107H 600AA BW EHT49 $607.96 set of 4 $151.99 View Details
235/65R18 106H 600AA BW EHT05 $603.96 set of 4 $150.99 View Details
235/65R17 104T 600AB BW EHT82 $511.96 set of 4 $127.99 View Details
235/70R17 108T 600AB BW EHT09 $567.96 set of 4 $141.99 View Details
235/70R16 106T 600AB BW EHT53 $475.96 set of 4 $118.99 View Details
235/75R16 112T 600AB BW EHT78 $487.96 set of 4 $121.99 View Details
LT235/80R17 120/117R BW EHT95 $591.88 set of 4 $147.97 View Details
235/85R16 120S BW EHT17 $591.96 set of 4 $147.99 View Details
245/60R18 105H 600AA BW EHT68 $579.96 set of 4 $144.99 View Details
245/65R17 107T 600AB BW EHT67 $555.96 set of 4 $138.99 View Details
245/70R17 110T 600AB BW EHT89 $547.96 set of 4 $136.99 View Details
LT245/75R16 120S BW EHT38 $639.96 set of 4 $159.99 View Details
245/75R16 111T 600AB BW EHT79 $483.96 set of 4 $120.99 View Details
LT245/75R17 121/118R BW EHT19 $627.96 set of 4 $156.99 View Details
255/60R19 109H 600AA BW EHT72 $727.96 set of 4 $181.99 View Details
255/65R18 111H 600AA BW EHT32 $687.96 set of 4 $171.99 View Details
255/70R18 113T 600AB BW EHT52 $695.96 set of 4 $173.99 View Details
255/70R16 111T 600AB BW EHT86 $523.96 set of 4 $130.99 View Details
265/60R18 110H 600AA BW EHT91 $651.96 set of 4 $162.99 View Details
265/65R18 114H 600AA BW EHT56 $671.96 set of 4 $167.99 View Details
265/65R17 112T 600AB BW EHT58 $679.96 set of 4 $169.99 View Details
265/70R18 116T 600AB BW EHT22 $699.96 set of 4 $174.99 View Details
265/70R17 115T 600AB BW EHT87 $595.96 set of 4 $148.99 View Details
265/70R17 121T BW EHT92 $703.96 set of 4 $175.99 View Details
265/70R16 112T 600AB BW EHT93 $527.96 set of 4 $131.99 View Details
LT265/70R18 BW EHT30 $687.96 set of 4 $171.99 View Details
265/75R16 123S BW EHT39 $663.96 set of 4 $165.99 View Details
265/75R16 116T 600AB BW EHT81 $551.96 set of 4 $137.99 View Details
275/55R20 117H 600AA BW EHT97 $635.96 set of 4 $158.99 View Details
275/60R20 115H 600AA BW EHT15 $655.96 set of 4 $163.99 View Details
275/65R18 123T BW EHT40 $735.96 set of 4 $183.99 View Details
275/65R20 126T BW EHT43 $843.96 set of 4 $210.99 View Details
275/65R18 116H 600AA BW EHT63 $715.96 set of 4 $178.99 View Details
LT285/75R16 BW EHT69 $683.96 set of 4 $170.99 View Details

Treadlife Warranty

Encounter HT Treadlife Warranty

This product is covered by a 60,000 mile manufacturer’s treadlife warranty.

Merchandise covered by a manufacturer’s warranty is sold with the warranty by the manufacturer extended to the purchaser. We will be happy to assist in obtaining fulfillment of a manufacturer’s warranty. Other than applicable manufacturers’ warranties, there are no warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

The only tires SimpleTire can warranty are brand new defects (meaning that they have not been mounted or driven on). Any bead damaged will be void of any warranty claim. Any other adjustments should be taken to the nearest authorized dealer for that manufacturer.

Sometimes the manufacturer also provides a treadlife warranty and mileage rating. Please be aware that not all tires hold a mileage warranty from the manufacturer. Different tire models, even from the same manufacturer, may or may not come with a treadlife warranty.

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Ratings & Reviews

Sumitomo Encounter HT

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Dry Wet Snow Comfort Noise Treadwear
4 .0
4 .0
4 .0
4 .0
4 .0
5 .0
I bought a set of four new tires SUMITOMO Encounter HT 265/70R16 112T and had them installed on my 2011 Frontier truck. The first couple weeks they rode great then developed a noisy gallop sound along with the galloping ride. I ran these tires for a total of 21000 miles and had them balanced 8 times. None of the tires places could balance the two rear tires. I even took my truck to the nissan dealer and paid for diagnostic testing to determine where the galloping was coming from. Two of the tire stores suggested replacement along with the dealer. This morning I went to the only tire store that did three and a half hours work for free and bought a new set of michelin tires that cost $917 out the door. If you consider what I spent for the four sumitomo tires and 7 balance jobs running from 56 to 150 at the dealer the new Michelin were a good deal. The truck now rides like new again. I will never ever buy an off brand tire again!
Tires are great and the price is just as well! Try them you won't be disappointed! I did my homework I own a 2015 dodge ram hemi had Goodyear Factory good tire when thru two set with only 70,000 miles. So decided to change the Sumitomo Encounter, so far good!
Got these for an 05 Ford F-150 and had them for awhile and I thought it'll be time for a review. I must I say, I am wowed at these tyres. Like I cannot believe how much a truck ride so much better now, we've been tyre searching for our family truck after realising that the previous tyres were worn out and needed to be replaced. I told my parents about this site and found these tire but sadly didn't buy it here, but got them somewhere else. Now with the tyres I like how much smoother and quieter the ride is now and handling has improved thanks to these rubbers and I hope they'll last long and will want to see how they'll do in winter since it's approaching.

Sumitomo Encounter HT 245/70R-16

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