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Overall Dry Wet Snow Comfort Noise Treadwear

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On Sigma Wild Spirit Radial A/S Tires

On 05/25/2017 gave an Overall Rating of 4.00
Dry Wet Snow Comfort Noise Treadwear
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Bought a set of these for an older Jeep Cherokee that my significant other drives, as I could not find any suitable factory looking tires to fit what originally came on it. Purchased at a tire retailer I used to work for for a number of years. These are also a white-letter outline tire; I am quite pleased with their wear so far, and the ride comfort is very good, as well as their performance on light trail-riding outings that we go on occasionally. If you're looking for a tire that somewhat matches the old Goodyear Wrangler Radials that were offered by AMC/Jeep at one point for your XJ, MJ, YJ, etc, then these tires will fit the bill nicely. A very good buy for your dollar. I will definitely get another set of these when ours finally wears down! Unfortunately, I cannot comment on their performance in snow (as I live in the southeast) although I'm sure they would be acceptable. However, an all season (A/S) tire cannot compete with a true Snow designed tire, so buy be cautious if that's what you're after.