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Saffiro SF5000 295/35R-20 Instock

  • Part Number: SF5K147
  • Service Description: 105 Y
  • Sidewall: BW
  • Load Range: XL
  • Type: Passenger All Season
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Saffiro SF5000 295/35R-20

Features & Benefits

Tire Specifications

SF5000 295/35R-20

Size UTQG Max. Load Inflation Pressure Tread Depth Rim Width Range Sect. Width Tread Width Overall Diam
295/35R-20 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Purchase includes the Saffiro SF5000 tire only. The wheel rim shown in the picture is not included. Picture provided is a stock picture from the manufacturer and may or may not reflect the actual product being ordered.

All Saffiro SF5000 tires are continuously developing with manufactured improvements. With that said, Simple Tire and the manufacturers have the right to change these tire specifications at any time without notice or obligation.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Please Note: Specifications of the Saffiro SF5000 tires shown above are listed to be as accurate as possible based on the information provided to us by Saffiro tires.

Available Sizes & Prices

SF5000 295/35R-20

Size Serv. Desc. UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Qty
P165/70R13 79T 320AA BW SF5K153 $167.88 set of 4 $41.97 View Details
P175/70R13 82T 320AA BW SF5K01 $171.88 set of 4 $42.97 View Details
P185/65R14 86H 320AA BW SF5K18 $315.96 set of 4 $78.99 View Details
P195/50R15 82V 320AA BW SF5K04 View Details
P195/50R16 88V 320AA BW SF5K26 View Details
P195/60R15 88V 320AA BW SF5K22 View Details
P205/45R17 88W 320AA BW SF5K36 View Details
P205/45R16 87W 320AA BW SF5K27 $423.92 set of 4 $105.98 View Details
P205/70R15 96H 320AA BW SF5K157 $263.88 set of 4 $65.97 View Details
P215/35R19 85Y 320AA BW SF5K98 $555.88 set of 4 $138.97 View Details
P215/60R16 95V 320AA BW SF5K31 View Details
P215/65R16 98H 320AA BW SF5K32 $327.96 set of 4 $81.99 View Details
P225/60R16 102H 320AA BW SF5K159 $331.96 set of 4 $82.99 View Details
P225/65R17 102H 320AA BW SF5K44 View Details
P235/50R18 101W 320AA BW SF5K59 View Details
P235/55R18 104W 320AA BW SF5K60 View Details
P235/55R20 105W 320AA BW SF5K102 View Details
P245/30R22 97Y 320AA BW SF5K97 View Details
P245/40R20 99Y 320AA BW SF5K126 View Details
P245/40R21 100Y BW SF5K103 $947.88 set of 4 $236.97 View Details
P245/45R18 100Y 320AA BW SF5K63 View Details
P245/55R20 104W 320AA BW SF5K127 $787.92 set of 4 $196.98 View Details
P255/30R19 91Y 320AA BW SF5K76 View Details
P255/30R21 93Y BW SF5K107 $883.88 set of 4 $220.97 View Details
P255/35R20 97Y 320AA BW SF5K108 View Details
P255/45R19 104W 320AA BW SF5K78 View Details
P255/55R19 111V 320AA BW SF5K112 $855.88 set of 4 $213.97 View Details
P265/30R19 93W 320AA BW SF5K79 $347.88 set of 4 $86.97 View Details
P265/35R18 97W 320AA BW SF5K67 View Details
265/40R21 105Y BW SF5K173 View Details
P265/45R21 104Y 320AA BW SF5K113 View Details
265/45R20 108W BW SF5K174 $535.88 set of 4 $133.97 View Details
P275/30R19 96W 320AA BW SF5K80 View Details
275/30R21 98Y BW SF5K132 View Details
P275/40R20 106Y 320AA BW SF5K88 View Details
P275/40R21 107Y 320AA BW SF5K114 View Details
P275/45R21 111Y 320AA BW SF5K152 $1087.88 set of 4 $271.97 View Details
275/55R19 111V 320AA BW SF5K180 $627.96 set of 4 $156.99 View Details
P285/30R21 100Y 320AA BW SF5K116 View Details
P285/35R18 101Y 320AA BW SF5K95 $571.96 set of 4 $142.99 View Details
285/40R20 104Y 320AA BW SF5K172 $615.96 set of 4 $153.99 View Details
285/45R22 114Y 320AA BW SF5K178 View Details
P295/30R22 99Y 320AA BW SF5K12 View Details
P295/35R21 107Y 320AA BW SF5K14 View Details
P295/45R20 114Y 320AA BW SF5K150 View Details

Treadlife Warranty

SF5000 295/35R-20

This product is not covered by a manufacturer’s treadlife warranty.

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Ratings & Reviews

Saffiro SF5000

dennis mcdermott
cannot complain, for the price and tread life these tires are fantastic. i have a 425 whp c5 corvette and these tires handle the power great. i still have wheel spin but only if i mash the gas from a dead stop. love these tires and would buy again. By submitting a review, each person received a sweepstakes entry.
Dennis Mcdermott
Great tire and good traction even on a corvette. Very good tread wear and should last for years if you dont do burn outs at every red light.
Andrew Troutman
The Saffiro SF5000`s started off fairly quiet but have gotten rather noisy in about 2500 miles. They produce a very noticeable hum. As they are inexpensive tires I did not expect a silent ride, and I did expect them to be noisy, just not so soon. But, new tires that are noisy are better than quiet expensive tires that are dangerously worn out. As far as traction, the tires are average, which I also expected. I have not run them through snow so I cannot comment on that capacity. I would guess that they are not suitable for anything above a light snow coating. So, the Saffiro SF5000 tires are nothing special, but if you need new tires and are on a tight budget, they will get you around.

Saffiro SF5000 295/35R-20

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