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Recreational vehicles are your home on wheels. RV owners drive themselves and their families all over the United States, logging over 44.5 Billion total miles in the US every year. With all that driving, drivers must depend on safe and reliable tires.

SimpleTire has quality commercial tires for every RV class and application like Trailer, Drive, Steer, All-Position and more. SimpleTire has the tire you need at the best price.

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  • The straight rib-form applied on the tire further enhances steering and driving safety, while maintaining a strong grip on both wet and dry road surfaces.
  • The extra-deep and wide tread, along with a unique scrub compound, ensures even road contact so it wears evenly and lasts longer.
  • The belt structure is specially designed to reduce risk of tire deformation and enhance fuel efficiency. The improved bead section keeps the tire durable and stable.


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  • This tire is designed to provide even wear on all services, specifically for jobs that create high tread wear.
  • The deep tread of 22/32" helps enhance the tire's road life.
  • The overall construction of the tire creates excellent fuel efficiency for the vehicle in addition to smooth wear and long tire life.


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  • Inside the tire compound, anti-oxidants and anti-ozidant compounds have been added, which help preserve the tires from cracking due to changes in the weather and seasons.
  • Circumferential grooves act as channels to expel water faster and allow for better traction in wet conditions.
  • The casing is made of a fuel-efficient material, which enhances overall fuel economy.


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