Power King Trailer King II ST Radial ST225/75R-15

  • Part Number: TKS51T
  • Sidewall: TL
  • Load Range: D (8 Ply)
  • Type: Trailer
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Power King Trailer King II ST Radial ST225/75R-15


Features & Benefits

  • St Radial Trailer
  • Innovative Tread Design Developed Specifically For Towed Trailer Applications
  • Center Grooves In Tread For Consistent, Even Tracking
  • Enhanced Shoulder Tread Design Provides Better Heat Dissipation For Longer Wear
  • Nylon Overlay Construction On All Sizes For Superior Strength And Durability

Tire Specifications

Trailer King II ST Radial ST225/75R-15

Size UTQG Max. Load Inflation Pressure Tread Depth Rim Width Range Sect. Width Tread Width Overall Diam
ST225/75R-15 N/A 2,540 lbs 65 psi 11/32nds 6" 9" N/A 28"

Purchase includes the Power King Trailer King II ST Radial tire only. The wheel rim shown in the picture is not included. Picture provided is a stock picture from the manufacturer and may or may not reflect the actual product being ordered.

All Power King Trailer King II ST Radial tires are continuously developing with manufactured improvements. With that said, Simple Tire and the manufacturers have the right to change these tire specifications at any time without notice or obligation.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Please Note: Specifications of the Power King Trailer King II ST Radial tires shown above are listed to be as accurate as possible based on the information provided to us by Power King tires.

Available Sizes & Prices

Trailer King II ST Radial ST225/75R-15

Size Serv. Desc. UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Qty
ST175/80R13 TL TKS13T $183.96 set of 4 $45.99 View Details
ST185/80R13 94L BW TKS15T $183.96 set of 4 $45.99 View Details
ST185/80R13 99L BW TKS16T $199.72 set of 4 $49.93 View Details
205/7514 TKS37T $215.96 set of 4 $53.99 View Details
ST205/75R15 TL TKS49T $231.96 set of 4 $57.99 View Details
205/75R14 BW TKS36T $223.96 set of 4 $55.99 View Details
205/75R15 BW TKS48T $235.72 set of 4 $58.93 View Details
ST215/75R14 102L BW TKS38T $231.96 set of 4 $57.99 View Details
ST225/75R15 TL TKS51T $287.72 set of 4 $71.93 View Details
225/75R15 117N BW TKS53T $283.72 set of 4 $70.93 View Details
235/80R16 127M TL TKS25T $403.96 set of 4 $100.99 View Details
235/80R16 124L BW TKS24T $331.72 set of 4 $82.93 View Details
235/85R16 128M BW TKS18T $419.72 set of 4 $104.93 View Details
ST235/85R16 125L BW TKS17T $343.96 set of 4 $85.99 View Details

Treadlife Warranty

Trailer King II ST Radial ST225/75R-15

This product is not covered by a manufacturer’s treadlife warranty.

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Ratings & Reviews

Power King Trailer King II ST Radial

Harry Newmann
Tires showing about the same wear as you would expect at 25,000 miles. During a wayside inspection I found a broken strand of wires sticking out between the treads in just one spot . Tire had 3/32 tread and tire pressure was 82 lbs. These tires may be ok for light trailer use but not for expensive 5th wheel campers. Sad to see they got a nickname "China Bombs" and I'm so glad I found the defect before it blew up and caused major damage as they have to so many campers. Replaced all 4 with Goodyear Endurance so I can travel with peace of mind.
David Powell
Purchased as spare tire for my fifth wheel, so I haven't had a need to use it as of this time.
Ron Durham
First of all we need to clear the air. Power King, Trail King and Trailer King II are three different brands. I own/operate a small tire shop and have worked with tires over 40 years. All ST trailer are NOT created equal. I have 50- 60 contractors who will not use any brand except Trailer King II. I have sold thousands of these tires and never had one return with a problem or complaint...ever. I hear Glory Stories every day about how switching to the Trailer King II solved their tire problems. One customer told me that he tows his car hauler thru the desert at 100 mph in 120 degree temps for hours at a time. He is happy to report he has never had a minutes trouble out of the Trailer King II trailer tires. Almost all ST series trailer tires have a standard maximum speed rating of 65 mph. With most brands, you are pushing your luck to max out the speed rating. The Trailer King II has a max speed rating of 75 mph and apparently performs excellent well past that rating. The only two brands that serve well for contractors is Trailer King II and Maxxis. Maxxis is an excellent choice as well,but can cost twice as much as the Trailer King II. The life expectancy is about the same which makes the Trailer King II the better value. Customers tell me everyday that the Trailer King II is the best trailer tires they have ever found. Please keep in mind that all tires eventually wear out, blow out or age out. The " age out " period for trailer tires is 3 to 5 years, depending on the quality of the tire....no matter how good it looks. With cheaper tires, 3 years is pushing your luck. You can expect to get closer to 5 years service from Trailer King II or Maxxis. Air pressure is also very important. Inflate trailer tires to the recommended PSI as indicated on the sidewall. If trailer tires are low on air pressure they will run hot which may lead to tire failure. Usually Load Range C is 50 psi. Load Range D is 65 psi. Load Range E is 80 psi. Don't forget to update the spare when replacing the tires. The only thing worse than a blow out is two blow outs. The spares age out as well. New valve stems are needed at each tire replacement interval as well. Valve stems also age out.

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