Pirelli PZero P295/30ZR-19

  • Part Number: 1637200
  • Service Description: 100 Y
  • UTQG: 160AAA
  • Sidewall: BW
  • Load Range: XL
  • Type: Passenger All Season UHP
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Pirelli PZero P295/30ZR-19

This ultra-high-performance tire is original equipment for many of the world™s most powerful performance coupes and sedans. The PZero uses a nano-composite tread compound for extra grip and stability, with a structure that™s designed for sharp steering response and uniform tread wear. The PZero™s asymmetric tread pattern improves braking and performance, especially in wet conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Offering ultra high performance, Pirelli P Zero has been chosen as the original equipment for the most powerful, performance driven cars on the market.
  • Characterized by an asymmetric tread pattern that improves braking and performance, P Zero is noted for its enhanced performance and control. Excellent in wet conditions, it reduces the risk of hydroplaning,and offers increased safety and handling.
  • State of the art nano-composite compound ensures the maximum grip and stability essential to sports driving. The tire™s structural integrity improves steering response and ensures uniform tread wear.
  • A special S-shaped groove in the tread reduces interior noise levels, enhancing driver comfort. The P Zero is truly a benchmark in its segment and ideal for all of the finest sport and exotic cars.

Tire Specifications

PZero P295/30ZR-19

Size UTQG Max. Load Inflation Pressure Tread Depth Tire Weight Rim Width Range Sect. Width Tread Width Overall Diam
P295/30ZR-19 160AAA 1,764 lbs N/A 10/32nds 28 lbs N/A 12" N/A 26"

Purchase includes the Pirelli PZero tire only. The wheel rim shown in the picture is not included. Picture provided is a stock picture from the manufacturer and may or may not reflect the actual product being ordered.

All Pirelli PZero tires are continuously developing with manufactured improvements. With that said, Simple Tire and the manufacturers have the right to change these tire specifications at any time without notice or obligation.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Please Note: Specifications of the Pirelli PZero tires shown above are listed to be as accurate as possible based on the information provided to us by Pirelli tires.

Available Sizes & Prices

PZero P295/30ZR-19

Size Serv. Desc. UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Qty
205/40R18 86W 220AAA BW 1758600 View Details
P205/45R17 84W 220AAA BW 1843000 View Details
P205/50R17 89W 220AAA BW 1842900 View Details
225/35R19 88Y 220AAA BW 2022700 $735.68 set of 4 $183.92 View Details
P225/40ZR18 92Y 220AAA BW 2000700 $615.68 set of 4 $153.92 View Details
225/40R19 89W 220AAA BW 1876500 $1407.68 set of 4 $351.92 View Details
P225/40ZR19 93Y 220AAA BW 2288400 $1115.68 set of 4 $278.92 View Details
P225/45R17 91Y 220AAA BW 1964000 View Details
P225/45R18 95W BW 2202307 $719.68 set of 4 $179.92 View Details
P225/50R17 94W 220AAA BW 1739700 $1075.68 set of 4 $268.92 View Details
P235/35ZR19 91Y 260AAA BW 1851700 $947.68 set of 4 $236.92 View Details
P235/35ZR19 91Y 220AAA BW 1637100 View Details
P235/35ZR19 91Y 220AAA BW 1744600 View Details
P235/35R20 88Y BW 1874607 $1123.68 set of 4 $280.92 View Details
P235/40ZR18 95Y 220AAA BW 1638100 $735.68 set of 4 $183.92 View Details
P235/45ZR17 97Y 220AAA BW 1744200 $631.68 set of 4 $157.92 View Details
P245/35R18 88Y 220AAA BW 1837300 View Details
P245/35ZR20 95Y 220AAA BW 1688300 View Details
P245/40R20 99W BW 2734300 $1555.68 set of 4 $388.92 View Details
P245/40ZR18 93Y 220AAA BW 1931300 View Details
245/40ZR19 94(Y) 220AAA BW 1638200 $967.68 set of 4 $241.92 View Details
245/40ZR19 98(Y) 220AAA BW 2218600 $1131.68 set of 4 $282.92 View Details
P245/40ZR19 98Y 220AAA BW 1637300 $835.68 set of 4 $208.92 View Details
P245/45R17 95Y 220AAA BW 1749300 $987.68 set of 4 $246.92 View Details
P245/45R19 98Y 220AAA BW 1817000 $1127.68 set of 4 $281.92 View Details
245/45R18 100Y 220AAA BW 1997000 $735.68 set of 4 $183.92 View Details
P245/45R18 96Y 220AAA BW 2059800 View Details
245/45R 20 103Y 220AAA BW 1791700 $683.72 set of 4 $170.93 View Details
P245/50R19 104W BW 1757307 View Details
P245/50R18 100W 220AAA BW 2010100 $607.68 set of 4 $151.92 View Details
255/35R19 92W 220AAA BSW 1876400 $1243.68 set of 4 $310.92 View Details
P255/35ZR19 96(Y) 220AAA BW 1858200 $963.68 set of 4 $240.92 View Details
255/35R19 96Y 220AAA BW 1802900 View Details
P255/35ZR18 94Y 220AAA BW 1679800 View Details
255/35ZR20 97(Y) 220AAA BW 2152000 $1239.68 set of 4 $309.92 View Details
255/35ZR20 97Z 220AAA BSW 1775700 $1011.68 set of 4 $252.92 View Details
P255/40R17 94V 220AAA BW 1738500 View Details
255/40ZR19 100Z 220AAA BSW 1738100 View Details
255/40ZR20 105Z 220AAA BSW 1915900 View Details
P255/40ZR20 220AAA BW 1720300 View Details
255/45R 19 104Y 220AAA BW 2035100 $983.92 set of 4 $245.98 View Details
P265/35ZR20 99Y 220AAA BW 1654800 View Details
P265/35ZR19 98Y 220AAA BW 1713300 View Details
265/40ZR21 220AAA BW 1936000 View Details
265/40R 20 104Y 220AAA BW 1849300 $1187.92 set of 4 $296.98 View Details
P275/30ZR19 96Y 220AAA BSW 1716600 $1131.68 set of 4 $282.92 View Details
275/35ZR21 103Y 220AAA BSW 1874800 View Details
P275/35ZR20 220AAA BW 1639100 $1263.68 set of 4 $315.92 View Details
275/35ZR20 220AAA BSW 1775800 View Details
275/40ZR19 105Y 220AAA BSW 1638400 View Details
P275/40R18 99Y 220AAA BW 2059900 View Details
275/40R 20 106Y 220AAA BW 1791600 $787.72 set of 4 $196.93 View Details
P275/40R20 106W BW 2618000 $1243.68 set of 4 $310.92 View Details
P275/45R18 103Y BW 1766607 $1303.68 set of 4 $325.92 View Details
285/30ZR22 101(Y) 220AAA BW 2064400 $1179.68 set of 4 $294.92 View Details
P285/35ZR19 99Y 220AAA BSW 1931400 View Details
P285/45ZR19 111W 220AAA BW 1831600 $1315.68 set of 4 $328.92 View Details
P295/30ZR19 100Y 260AAA BW 1851800 $1471.68 set of 4 $367.92 View Details
P295/35ZR21 107Y 300AAA 1763000 $1175.68 set of 4 $293.92 View Details
305/30ZR20 103(Y) 220AAA BW 2151900 $1663.68 set of 4 $415.92 View Details
P315/35R20 106Y BW 2782300 $2271.68 set of 4 $567.92 View Details

Treadlife Warranty

PZero P295/30ZR-19

This product is not covered by a manufacturer’s treadlife warranty.

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Pirelli PZero

juan j gonzalez
THESE ARE THE BEST TIRES EVER!! Performance, Reliability, just everything about them!
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