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Deestone D506

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The Deestone D506 is a bias ply all-terrain tire for Jeeps, light trucks, and SUVs. The D506 is designed with an advanced rubber compound that guards the tire against cuts, chips, and abrasions, an aggressive off-road lug tread for solid traction and performance, and a reinforced casing that increases load carrying capacity and damage resistance.

Deestone D506 tire prices range from $137.96 to $137.96 per tire depending on the tire size selected.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for use on Jeeps, light trucks, and SUVs
  • Bias construction
  • Aggressive, lug tread pattern enhances traction and performance on- and off-road
  • Rubber compound guards the tire against cuts, chips, and abrasions
  • Reinforced carcass boosts load carrying capacity and damage resistance

Mileage Warranty
Load Index
2756 lbs/2601 lbs (116/114)
Max Speed
75 MPH (L)
Load Range
F (12 Ply)
Tread Depth
Inflation Pressure
83 PSI
Part Number
Section Width
Overall Diameter
Tread Design

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7 SimpleTire reviews

Verified Customer
Sep 15, 2022
great tires for older work trucks

I bought these tires for my '71 Ford F100 4x4. There are basically no radials available any more to fit my truck. But even if I weren't "stuck" with these tires I would be very happy with them. They fit well on my 5x16 rims and are close enough to the dimensions of the original 6.50-16s. They handle and ride just as well as the old 7.00R16 radials used to (when you could get them). They're unstoppable in snow and dirt and much better than I thought they would be on hardpacked snow and ice. I chose this tread because it seemed to have better siping than some of the other (very few) choices, and that decision seems to have paid off. They are incredibly thick and stiff (12ply) and use tubes as well, so I think there about as indestructible as any tire could be. I wouldn't hesitate to put these on any older off-road oriented work truck that uses the older tall profile (100 series) type tires.

Ford F-100 1980 Ranger (GVWR 5000)
Verified Customer
Sep 14, 2022
perfect for older work trucks

I bought these tires for my 71 Ford 4x4. You don't have many choices for 5" x 16" rims. Having said that I am REALLY impressed with these tires! They ride and handle just fine for and old pickup - you don't even know they're bias ply except for the first minute or so on a cold winter morning when there mighty stiff. They're unstoppable in mud or snow and I was amazed at how well they did on hard pack and ice. I think that's because they actually have a fair amount of siping in the center of the tread, compared to some other old fashioned traction tires. I would put these on any older pickup that takes tall profile tires.

Van van
Ford F-250 XL 1982 4x4 (GVWR 8700)
Verified Customer
Mar 24, 2022

Excellent for farm work and pulling trailers

Jeep Wrangler 1987 Base
Verified Customer
Mar 13, 2022

Excellent tire on 1953 m38a1 Jeep willys

Jeep Wrangler 1987 Base
Verified Customer
Mar 13, 2022

Excellent tire on 1953 m38a1 Jeep willys

Verified Customer
Sep 24, 2021

I put these on my 71 ford 4x4 pickup. I had some radials on there but they were way too wide for the 5" rims so they wore out in the center very quickly. There basically are no off road type radials to fit these rims any more. Only a week or so after mounting these (which was a bear since they're 12 ply) I had to use this truck to make a delivery that involved about 30 miles of highway driving - not what I normally do with this old farm truck. I was quite pleased with the handling. No real difference from the radials in tracking or steering, although the greater rolling resistance was slightly apparent you when let off the gas. Won't be great for mpg I suspect. Noise was there but acceptable. So my initial impression is there's no real disadvantage to the bias ply so far, at least in this case, and they fit my old truck rims perfectly. It's too early to comment on the traction but this is essentially the same tread we ran 50 years ago on all our trucks, in the woods and in the fields, and they did the job. I expect no less from these.

Verified Customer
Jul 24, 2019

Yes these tires are awesome! I would definitely recommend and loved the fast shipping too! Thank you all so much!😁

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