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Nexen CP672 225/55R-16

  • Part Number: 11260NXK
  • Service Description: 95 V
  • UTQG: 500AA
  • Sidewall: BW
  • Load Range: B (4 Ply)
  • Treadlife Warranty: 70000 miles
  • Type: Passenger All Season
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Nexen CP672 225/55R-16

The Nexen CP672 is your go-to tire for a quiet and comfortable ride all year-round. Ideal for sports cars, coupes, and performance sedans, these tires provide a reliable driving experience with a wide range of sizes and speed ratings to choose from. It also includes a 70,000-mile tread life warranty. Thanks to its optimized sectional design, pattern noise is reduced giving you optimal peace comfort even when driving long distances and on certain types of road surfaces. Expect excellent performance during wet conditions as these tires have four straight wide grooves which enhance wet traction and hydroplaning resistance. The rigid shoulder block design gives you maximum stable handling and tight cornering while the straight center semi-dual rib provides excellent responsiveness and steering under high speeds.

Features & Benefits

  • An excellent touring all season tire ideal for passenger cars with its excellent tread wear and long mileage.
  • Driving in these tires feel stable with excellent cornering giving you confidence when turning at highway speed.
  • Optimized sectional design to ensure ultra-quiet driving with little to no noise and wide circumferential grooves which channels away water for safe driving on wet surfaces.

Tire Specifications

CP672 225/55R-16

Size UTQG Max. Load Inflation Pressure Tread Depth Rim Width Range Sect. Width Tread Width Overall Diam
225/55R-16 500AA 1,521 lbs 44 psi 10/32nds 8" 9" N/A 26"

Purchase includes the Nexen CP672 tire only. The wheel rim shown in the picture is not included. Picture provided is a stock picture from the manufacturer and may or may not reflect the actual product being ordered.

All Nexen CP672 tires are continuously developing with manufactured improvements. With that said, Simple Tire and the manufacturers have the right to change these tire specifications at any time without notice or obligation.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Please Note: Specifications of the Nexen CP672 tires shown above are listed to be as accurate as possible based on the information provided to us by Nexen tires.

Available Sizes & Prices

CP672 225/55R-16

Size Serv. Desc. UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Qty
P175/65R14 82H BW 11254 View Details
175/65R14 82H 460AA BW 11254NXK $223.68 set of 4 $55.92 View Details
185/60R15 84H 460AA BW 11256NXK $251.68 set of 4 $62.92 View Details
P185/60R14 82H 460AA BW 11045NXK View Details
185/60R14 82H 460AA BW 12939NXK View Details
P185/65R14 86H BW 11056 View Details
185/65R14 86H 460AA BW 11056NXK $243.96 set of 4 $60.99 View Details
P185/65R15 88H BW 12957 View Details
185/65R15 88H 460AA BW 12957NXK $271.68 set of 4 $67.92 View Details
195/50R16 84H 500AA BW 13979NXK $339.68 set of 4 $84.92 View Details
P195/55R15 85V BW 11255 View Details
P195/55R16 87V BW 11403 $287.88 set of 4 $71.97 View Details
195/55R16 87V 500AA BW 11403NXK $319.68 set of 4 $79.92 View Details
195/55R15 85V 460AA BW 11255NXK $439.68 set of 4 $109.92 View Details
P195/60R15 88H 460AA BW 11047NXK $567.68 set of 4 $141.92 View Details
P195/60R15 88H BW 12944 View Details
195/60R15 88H 500AA BW 12944NXK $279.68 set of 4 $69.92 View Details
195/60R14 86H 460AA BW 12942NXK $351.68 set of 4 $87.92 View Details
P195/65R15 91H 460AA BW 11058NXK View Details
P195/65R14 89H 460AA BW 11465NXK View Details
195/65R15 91H 460AA BW 12959NXK View Details
P205/40R17 BW 12914NXK $259.68 set of 4 $64.92 View Details
205/40R17 84H 500AA BW 11193NXK $271.68 set of 4 $67.92 View Details
205/45R16 87H 500AA BW 11481NXK $439.68 set of 4 $109.92 View Details
205/50R16 87V 500AA BW 11257NXK $315.68 set of 4 $78.92 View Details
P205/50R17 90V BW 11202 View Details
205/55R16 91V 500AA BW 11044NXK View Details
205/60R16 92H 500AA BW 11261NXK $339.68 set of 4 $84.92 View Details
P205/60R15 91H 500AA BW 11048NXK $315.68 set of 4 $78.92 View Details
205/60R15 91H 500AA BW 12947NXK $383.68 set of 4 $95.92 View Details
205/65R16 95H 500AA BW 11208NXK $359.68 set of 4 $89.92 View Details
P205/65R15 94H 500AA BW 10665NXK $2819.68 set of 4 $704.92 View Details
P205/65R15 94H BW 12961 View Details
P205/65R16 95H BW 11208 View Details
205/65R15 94H 500AA BW 12961NXK $327.68 set of 4 $81.92 View Details
P215/40R17 BW 12915NXK $371.68 set of 4 $92.92 View Details
215/40R17 87H 500AA BW 11194NXK $343.68 set of 4 $85.92 View Details
215/40R17 87H BW 11194 View Details
P215/40R18 85V 500AA BW 11192NXK View Details
215/40R18 85V 500AA BW 12580NXK $467.68 set of 4 $116.92 View Details
215/45R17 91H 500AA BW 11198NXK $399.68 set of 4 $99.92 View Details
215/45R18 93H 500AA BW 11482NXK $415.68 set of 4 $103.92 View Details
215/50R17 91V 500AA BW 11262NXK $427.68 set of 4 $106.92 View Details
P215/50R17 91V BW 11262 View Details
215/55R17 94V 500AA BW 11205NXK View Details
P215/55R16 93V BW 11259 View Details
215/55R16 93V 500AA BW 11259NXK View Details
215/55R18 94H 500AA BW 11404NXK View Details
P215/55R18 94H BW 11404 View Details
215/60R15 94H 500AA BW 11049NXK $415.68 set of 4 $103.92 View Details
215/60R17 96H 500AA BW 11207NXK $319.68 set of 4 $79.92 View Details
215/60R16 95H 500AA BW 12570NXK $351.68 set of 4 $87.92 View Details
P215/60R16 95H BW 12570 View Details
215/65R17 99H 500AA BW 11209NXK $415.96 set of 4 $103.99 View Details
215/65R16 98H 500AA BW 11060NXK $387.68 set of 4 $96.92 View Details
215/65R15 96H 500AA BW 11059NXK $327.68 set of 4 $81.92 View Details
P215/65R16 98H BW 11060 View Details
225/40R18 92H 500AA BW 11195NXK View Details
225/40R18 92H BW 11195 View Details
225/45R17 94V BW 12863 View Details
225/45R18 91V BW 13148 View Details
225/45R18 91V 500AA BW 13148NXK $403.68 set of 4 $100.92 View Details
225/45R17 94V 500AA BW 12863NXK $383.68 set of 4 $95.92 View Details
225/50R18 94V 500AA BW 11483NXK View Details
225/50R17 94V 500AA BW 11263NXK $359.68 set of 4 $89.92 View Details
225/50R16 92V 500AA BW 11258NXK View Details
P225/50R17 94V BW 11263 View Details
P225/55R18 98H BW 14179N $719.68 set of 4 $179.92 View Details
225/55R18 97H 500AA BW 11406NXK View Details
225/55R17 97H 500AA BW 11405NXK $367.68 set of 4 $91.92 View Details
P225/55R16 95V BW 11260 View Details
P225/55R18 97H BW 11406 View Details
225/60R16 98H 500AA BW 11054NXK $439.68 set of 4 $109.92 View Details
225/60R17 98H 500AA BW 11407NXK $367.96 set of 4 $91.99 View Details
225/60R18 99H 500AA BW 11408NXK $459.68 set of 4 $114.92 View Details
P225/60R16 98H BW 11054 View Details
P225/60R17 98H BW 11407 View Details
P225/60R18 99H BW 11408 View Details
225/65R16 99H 500AA BW 11210NXK $487.68 set of 4 $121.92 View Details
P225/65R16 99H BW 11210 View Details
235/40R18 95H 500AA BW 11196NXK $511.68 set of 4 $127.92 View Details
235/45R17 94H 500AA BW 11200NXK View Details
235/45R18 98V 500AA BW 11409NXK View Details
235/45R17 94H BW 11200 View Details
235/50R18 97V 500AA BW 11412NXK View Details
235/55R17 99H 500AA BW 11206NXK View Details
235/60R16 100H 500AA BW 11055NXK $363.96 set of 4 $90.99 View Details
235/65R16 101H 500AA BW 11211NXK $447.68 set of 4 $111.92 View Details
245/40R18 97H 500AA BW 11197NXK View Details
245/45R17 95H 500AA BW 11201NXK $411.68 set of 4 $102.92 View Details
245/50R18 100V 500AA BW 11484NXK $519.68 set of 4 $129.92 View Details
P245/50R18 100V BW 11484 $519.68 set of 4 $129.92 View Details
255/40R18 99H 500AA BW 11480NXK View Details
255/40R18 99H BW 11480 View Details
P255/45R17 98V 500AA BW 11413NXK $503.68 set of 4 $125.92 View Details

Treadlife Warranty

CP672 225/55R-16

This product is covered by a 70,000 mile manufacturer’s treadlife warranty.

Merchandise covered by a manufacturer’s warranty is sold with the warranty by the manufacturer extended to the purchaser. We will be happy to assist in obtaining fulfillment of a manufacturer’s warranty. Other than applicable manufacturers’ warranties, there are no warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

The only tires SimpleTire can warranty are brand new defects (meaning that they have not been mounted or driven on). Any bead damaged will be void of any warranty claim. Any other adjustments should be taken to the nearest authorized dealer for that manufacturer.

Sometimes the manufacturer also provides a treadlife warranty and mileage rating. Please be aware that not all tires hold a mileage warranty from the manufacturer. Different tire models, even from the same manufacturer, may or may not come with a treadlife warranty.

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Ratings & Reviews

Nexen CP672

Kevin collins
Tires doing awesome!!! I was affraid at first because I heard the online cheap tires where rejected...but that's a myth!! Would order again tomorrow if I had too.
Micheal Jeli
These tires are actually decent. Tread life is still going strong. Not too much road noise. Grip is good. Haven't tried on snow yet. By submitting a review, each person received a sweepstakes entry.
Mathew fisher
Never lost traction at all on winter roads How hard turn your Steering wheel on icy roads and on snowy roads. By submitting a review, each person received a sweepstakes entry.

Nexen CP672 225/55R-16

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