Nankang AS-1 P255/40R-18

  • Part Number: 24848001
  • Service Description: 99 H
  • UTQG: 340AA
  • Sidewall: BW
  • Load Range: B (4 Ply)
  • Type: Passenger Performance
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Nankang AS-1 P255/40R18

The Nankang AS-1 is a all-season tire specially designed for drivers who seek reliable performance, year-round traction, and comfort. Ideal for passenger cars, the Nankang AS-1 delivers great performance on both wet and dry weather. It features an asymmetric tread pattern which blends dry grip and wet traction. Notice the tread pattern chance across the tire™s face. This allows the Nankang AS-1 to provide its dual performance. The inside works and middle part is for traction during wet and winter weather while the outside are large tread blocks which provide cornering capability on dry road surfaces. Sidewalls on the Nankang AS-1 are marked with the appropriate labels to ensure that you position the tire™s correctly. Because the Nankang AS-1 has an asymmetrical tread pattern, you can use many different rotation patterns when driving it. Helping it look more rigid and wear longer is the shoulder™s unique straight groove.

Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced road comfort with its evenly thin sipe design to lessen impact on the road; peaceful and quieter rides for you and your passenger
  • Enhanced cornering performance and steering ability with the shoulder™s pattern designed for high rigidity
  • Efficient water drainage using the two straight broad grooves outside of the tire

Tire Specifications

AS-1 P255/40R18

Size UTQG Max. Load Inflation Pressure Tread Depth Tire Weight Rim Width Range Sect. Width Tread Width Overall Diam
P255/40R-18 340AA 1,709 lbs N/A N/A 27 lbs N/A 10" N/A 26"

Purchase includes the Nankang AS-1 tire only. The wheel rim shown in the picture is not included. Picture provided is a stock picture from the manufacturer and may or may not reflect the actual product being ordered.

All Nankang AS-1 tires are continuously developing with manufactured improvements. With that said, Simple Tire and the manufacturers have the right to change these tire specifications at any time without notice or obligation.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Please Note: Specifications of the Nankang AS-1 tires shown above are listed to be as accurate as possible based on the information provided to us by Nankang tires.

Available Sizes & Prices

AS-1 P255/40R18

Size Serv. Desc. UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Qty
155/60R15 74V BW 24171001 $243.88 set of 4 $60.97 View Details
175/50R13 72V BW 24454002 $247.88 set of 4 $61.97 View Details
175/55R15 77V BW 24174001 $267.88 set of 4 $66.97 View Details
195/55R16 87V BW 24437006 $299.92 set of 4 $74.98 View Details
195/60R16 89H BW 24667002 $255.88 set of 4 $63.97 View Details
P205/40R18 86H 340AA BW 24548001 $371.88 set of 4 $92.97 View Details
205/55R17 91V BW 24562001 $303.88 set of 4 $75.97 View Details
P205/55R17 91V BW J3143 $343.68 set of 4 $85.92 View Details
P205/55R17 91V BW J2584 View Details
P215/40R18 89H 340AA BW 24888002 $327.88 set of 4 $81.97 View Details
P215/45R18 93H 340AA BW 24970002 $315.88 set of 4 $78.97 View Details
P215/60R17 96H 340AA BW 24567001 View Details
225/35R18 87H BW 24050005 $359.88 set of 4 $89.97 View Details
P225/40R18 92H 340AA BW 24077007 $311.92 set of 4 $77.98 View Details
225/45R19 96W BW 24853001 $487.88 set of 4 $121.97 View Details
P225/45R18 91H 340AA BW 24990002 $319.88 set of 4 $79.97 View Details
P225/50R17 94V 340AA BW 24395003 View Details
P225/50R18 95H 340AA BW 24558001 $367.88 set of 4 $91.97 View Details
235/40R19 96Y BW 24851001 $455.88 set of 4 $113.97 View Details
P235/40R18 95H 340AA BW 24080007 $307.88 set of 4 $76.97 View Details
P235/45ZR18 98W BW J3177 View Details
P235/45R18 98H 340AA BW 24998001 $347.88 set of 4 $86.97 View Details
P235/50R18 97H 340AA BW 24410002 $555.68 set of 4 $138.92 View Details
245/35R21 96Y BW 24011001 $603.88 set of 4 $150.97 View Details
P245/40R18 97H 340AA BW 24082006 $407.88 set of 4 $101.97 View Details
P245/45R18 100H 340AA BW 24995002 $379.88 set of 4 $94.97 View Details
245/50R18 104T BW 24374001 $395.88 set of 4 $98.97 View Details
255/30R21 93Y BW 24012001 $551.88 set of 4 $137.97 View Details
P255/35R18 94H 340AA BW 24045002 $399.68 set of 4 $99.92 View Details
255/40R19 100Y BW 24849001 $491.88 set of 4 $122.97 View Details
P255/40R18 99H 340AA BW 24848001 $407.88 set of 4 $101.97 View Details
P255/40ZR19 100Y BW J2562 $583.68 set of 4 $145.92 View Details
255/45R18 103Y BW 24986002 $419.88 set of 4 $104.97 View Details
P255/45ZR18 103Y BW J2563 $495.68 set of 4 $123.92 View Details
265/40R18 101H BW 24850001 $451.88 set of 4 $112.97 View Details
265/40R20 104Y BW 24852001 $667.68 set of 4 $166.92 View Details
275/40R18 99H BW 24583402 $483.88 set of 4 $120.97 View Details
P275/40R18 99H BW J5936 $563.68 set of 4 $140.92 View Details
295/35R21 107Y BW 24014001 $583.88 set of 4 $145.97 View Details
315/35R20 110Y BW 24086001 $615.88 set of 4 $153.97 View Details

Treadlife Warranty

AS-1 P255/40R18

This product is not covered by a manufacturer’s treadlife warranty.

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Ratings & Reviews

Nankang AS-1

4.0 7 Reviews
Thuy Cook
Cody Kaiser
Decent tire for price. Rides nice and has good dry grip. My car is slammed 8" with 7.5 inch rims. Slight stretch on the rim.
Randall Orndorff
I vary happy with these tire. I drive a BMW B7 (with about 600HP at the wheels) with 285/30/21's and got these a couple weeks back and have driven in temps from 40-105 (have not driven these in snow and really don't drive this car in snow, so I only gave it 3 for snow) and in 3" of standing water (hard rain driving on highway at maybe 30-40mph) and they are the best tires I've had on the car. I was running P Zero's but they sucked and @ $500+ more for each tire I thought I would see how these ran and if they sucked they were cheap and it was not as big of a deal. With that said I have done mostly highway miles and have not gone much north of 140mph with them. The noise is low at this point (I can not hear them over stock exhaust). The ride is stiff (but they are 30's). They also stuck well in turn (.8 G) and hookup well on heavy acceleration. These are the first off brand tire I have ever bought and am happy at this point.

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