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Five amazing car apps

If you love your car and your smartphone, what could be better than apps that enhance your driving/ownership experience? We’ve already discussed some great apps that help you navigate traffic. With that in mind, here are five amazing car-related apps that will add to your car and smartphone enjoyment. 

Gas Buddy

Gas prices seem to fluctuate even more than weight during the holidays. It’s not unusual for one station’s prices to be 30 cents a gallon or higher or lower than a station that’s just a mile down the street. 

It doesn’t make sense to drive around looking for the cheapest gas prices because you’re burning gas and money to do so. That’s where the Gas Buddy app comes in. 

Gas Buddy relies on input from millions of users to help drivers find the best gas prices, closest stations, cleanest restrooms, best coffee, and much more. The app includes info on more than 140,000 gas stations, with users reporting gas prices more than 20 million times each day. The app is available for free for IOS and Android devices. 


Turo lets you rent the car of your dreams or rent out your own dream car to someone else. It’s as simple as registering with the app via Facebook, Google, or e-mail. Once you’re confirmed as an approved driver, you can book a rental from a vast selection of unique, locally-owned cars at savings up to 50% off what a typical rental might cost. 

Best of all, the vehicle’s owner will make arrangements to drop off the vehicle and pick it up wherever you want, such as right at the airport curb. Of course, that means you’ll miss out on those exciting rental car shuttle bus rides to and from the airport. 

If you want to make a little extra money with your vehicle but don’t have time to be an Uber or Lyft driver, you can rent it out through Turo. And you don’t have to worry about damages because Turo covers your car with $1 million in liability insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance. The app is available for free for IOS and Android devices. 

Road Ready

This app from the Parents Supervised Driving Program offers parents and teens an easy, educational, and convenient way to keep track of the state-required supervised driving time for teens with a temporary driving permit. With the RoadReady app, you can: 

  • Log your teen’s driving time
  • Learn safe driving practices
  • View driving summaries
  • Track driving conditions
  • Receive driving pointers and more 

The app is available for free for IOS devices, and an Android version is in the works. 

My Mechanic

Once upon a time, there was a guy who fixed that annoying “Check Engine” light on his car by covering it with a piece of electrical tape. We wouldn’t really recommend doing that. Instead, you can use an app like My Mechanic that, when connected to your vehicle’s OBD-II system with a simple device, will enable you to see exactly why your check engine light is coming on

Then, if you’re mechanically inclined, you can fix the issue, or you can at least know what the issue is before taking the car to a mechanic — and do a little research beforehand to get an idea of how much the fix might cost.  The app also enables you to search a database of over 500,000 repair shops to find a great mechanic near you. Plus, it lets you ask a mechanic questions remotely about an issue with your vehicle. The app is available for free for IOS and Android devices. 

Mileage Keeper

If you like to keep track of your fuel mileage and fuel costs, Mileage Keeper is the app for you because it tracks your vehicle’s fuel economy and is simple to use. Just enter your odometer reading, fuel amount, and total fuel cost each time you buy fuel. It will calculate your miles per gallon, the cost per gallon, and the total amount spent on each vehicle.

There’s also a section for notes to keep track of any difference in your normal driving habits, like when you get stuck creeping along at 5 mph in a construction zone, or fighting a fierce headwind as you drive across Kansas. The app is available for free for IOS devices. 

Do you have a favorite app that makes car ownership even more enjoyable for you?

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