Car Apps to Track Everything From the Tires Up

No matter what smartphone you have, there are plenty of car apps to choose from. It’s just about using what’s most important, so you can be as safe and efficient on the road as possible.

Let’s face it; keeping track of everything on your car is quite a challenge. Life gets in the way and suddenly you’re ignoring simple car maintenance tasks like checking your tire pressure. I know I can use all the help I can get to keep myself ahead of the game when understanding what state my car is in. The list below includes three favorable car apps that help with car maintenance and safety.

TireCheck (iPhone)

What better place to start than at the tires? It’s not uncommon that people don’t know how to use a traditional tire pressure gauge, let alone own one. So if it were easier, would people check their tire pressure more often? The TireCheck app thinks so. On a flat surface, all you have to do is focus the tires inside the viewfinder and it will automatically take a picture. In only a few seconds, the app will reveal whether or not your tire pressure is low. But that’s not all. The app will also provide information on how much money you may be wasting driving on under-inflated tires. With an accuracy of within +/- 2 psi, this app is valuable so you know how safe and fuel-efficient your tires are. And it’s fun to use!

aCar (Android)

This app allows you to track basic car maintenance including maintenance repairs and reminders, mileage, fuel economy, gas fill-ups, cost projections—it even separates business miles from personal miles. There is also an “expenses” section that records tickets, accidents, car washes, tolls, and insurance information. aCar uses the data it stores to gather statistics about the maintenance and total running costs of your car. Most importantly, this app breaks down the monthly investment you put into your car, so you know about the current and future costs of owning your car and when to take it to your dealership for service or new tires once you're ready to buy.

iOnRoad (Android and iPhone)

Although ALL your eyes should be on the road while driving, it doesn’t hurt to have one more “i” to help you. iOnRoad uses your phone’s camera and GPS speed data to monitor the distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you along with any objects in your way. When you get too close, an audible and visible alert is sent through your phone in case your eyes aren’t looking in the right direction. The best part of the app is that you can still make calls, listen to music, and navigate while it runs in the background and continues to send audible alerts to ensure maximum safety.

Smartphones are changing the way we drive. These car apps can save you time, money, or even your life with their special features. So whether you want to see how much extra money you’re spending on gas per month, get a reminder to schedule basic car maintenance, or get a better look at the road ahead, there is an app to guide you.

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