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Kanati Mud Hog LT305/70R-16 Instock

  • Part Number: LH1630570E252
  • Service Description: 124 Q
  • Sidewall: BW
  • Load Range: E (10 Ply)
  • Type: Light Truck Mud
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Kanati Mud Hog LT305/70R-16

The Kanati Mud Hog fuses both extreme function and high-end style into one aggressive tire. Designed specifically to match the needs of customers who seek adventures, it features a durable sidewall paired with rugged tread for conquering Mother Nature's most unforgiving obstacles. While more than capable of overcoming even the toughest of circumstances, the Kanati Mud Hog also boasts that sleek yet aggressive style that turns heads and grabs the attention of all who stand in its path.

Features & Benefits

Tire Specifications

Mud Hog LT305/70R-16

Size UTQG Max. Load Inflation Pressure Tread Depth Rim Width Range Sect. Width Tread Width Overall Diam
LT305/70R-16 N/A 0 lbs 0 psi 20/32nds N/A 0" N/A 0"

Purchase includes the Kanati Mud Hog tire only. The wheel rim shown in the picture is not included. Picture provided is a stock picture from the manufacturer and may or may not reflect the actual product being ordered.

All Kanati Mud Hog tires are continuously developing with manufactured improvements. With that said, Simple Tire and the manufacturers have the right to change these tire specifications at any time without notice or obligation.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Please Note: Specifications of the Kanati Mud Hog tires shown above are listed to be as accurate as possible based on the information provided to us by Kanati tires.

Available Sizes & Prices

Mud Hog LT305/70R-16

Size Serv. Desc. UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Qty
LT31/10.50R15 109Q BW L1531105C252 $547.84 set of 4 $136.96 View Details
31/10.50R15 109Q BW L1531105C $563.96 set of 4 $140.99 View Details
LT31/10.50R15 109Q BW L1531105 $623.96 set of 4 $155.99 View Details
LT33/12.50R20 114Q BW L2033125E252 View Details
LT33/12.50R22 109Q BW L2233125E252 $771.84 set of 4 $192.96 View Details
LT33/12.50R17 BW L1733125D $723.88 set of 4 $180.97 View Details
33/12.5R22 109Q BW L2233125E $879.92 set of 4 $219.98 View Details
LT33/12.50R20 114Q BW L2033125 $875.96 set of 4 $218.99 View Details
33/12.50R18 118Q BW L1833125E $847.96 set of 4 $211.99 View Details
LT35/12.50R20 121Q BW L2035125E252 $927.84 set of 4 $231.96 View Details
LT35/12.50R17 119Q BW L1735125D252 $843.88 set of 4 $210.97 View Details
LT35/12.50R22 117Q BW L2235125E252 $939.88 set of 4 $234.97 View Details
LT35/12.50R15 109Q BW L1535125C $875.96 set of 4 $218.99 View Details
LT35/12.50R18 L1835125E252 $783.88 set of 4 $195.97 View Details
35/12.5R22 117Q BW L2235125E $1051.96 set of 4 $262.99 View Details
35/12.520 121Q BW L2035125E $1023.96 set of 4 $255.99 View Details
LT35/12.5R17 121Q BW L1735125 $983.96 set of 4 $245.99 View Details
37/12.5R20 126Q BW L2037125E $1123.88 set of 4 $280.97 View Details
LT37/12.50R17 BW L1737125D $995.88 set of 4 $248.97 View Details
LT37/13.50R22 123Q BW L2237135E252 $1087.84 set of 4 $271.96 View Details
37/13.5R22 119Q BW L2237135E $1287.96 set of 4 $321.99 View Details
LT37/50R17 124Q BW L1737125E252 View Details
LT37/50R20 126Q BW L2037125E252 View Details
LT39/12.50R17 128Q BW L1739125E252 $1103.88 set of 4 $275.97 View Details
LT39/13.50R20 128Q BW L2039135E252 $1135.84 set of 4 $283.96 View Details
LT39/14.50R22 117Q BW L2239145E252 $1411.96 set of 4 $352.99 View Details
LT235/85R16 120Q BW L1623585E252 $599.88 set of 4 $149.97 View Details
LT245/75R16 120Q BW L1624575E252 $587.88 set of 4 $146.97 View Details
LT245/75R17 BW LTG1724575E $607.84 set of 4 $151.96 View Details
LT265/70R17 121Q BW L1726570E252 $579.88 set of 4 $144.97 View Details
LT265/75R16 123Q BW L1626575E252 $535.84 set of 4 $133.96 View Details
LT275/60R20 123Q BW L2027560E $655.88 set of 4 $163.97 View Details
LT275/65R18 123Q BW L1827565E $727.88 set of 4 $181.97 View Details
LT275/65R20 127Q BW L2027565E252 $731.88 set of 4 $182.97 View Details
LT275/70R18 126Q BW L1827570E252 $695.88 set of 4 $173.97 View Details
LT285/70R17 123Q BW L1728570E252 $623.84 set of 4 $155.96 View Details
LT285/75R16 126Q BW LH1628575E252 $679.88 set of 4 $169.97 View Details
LT295/60R20 126Q BW L2029560E252 $763.88 set of 4 $190.97 View Details
LT295/70R17 121/118Q BW L1729570E252 $739.88 set of 4 $184.97 View Details
LT305/70R18 126Q BW LH1830570E252 $799.88 set of 4 $199.97 View Details
305/70R17 BW L1730570E252 $815.88 set of 4 $203.97 View Details
LT315/70R17 121/118Q BW L1731570E252 $807.84 set of 4 $201.96 View Details
LT315/75R16 121Q BW L1631575D252 $731.84 set of 4 $182.96 View Details

Treadlife Warranty

Mud Hog LT305/70R-16

This product is not covered by a manufacturer’s treadlife warranty.

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Ratings & Reviews

Kanati Mud Hog

Matt Schofield
I have had these tires installed for about 7 months now. They have had great wear for a daily driven Jeep with some off road use. The tires have performed great off road over rock, rough terrain, as well mud and snow. They do get some road noise, but fully expected given the type of tire/tread pattern. The noise is nothing of a nuisance, but audible enough to notice it. Very happy with the value and experience with this tire that I intend to buy another set when the time comes.
Actually quite quiet for a MT. They feel really good on turns. They look really nice. But pretty dang bumpy. Feel like I'm traveling gravel roads even when I'm on smooth pavement. But you get what you pay for. For the price I'm pretty happy
Josh hosj
I bought my current truck with these on it.they were very new.less then 500 miles if that.right now 27k later i still have a light 3/16 on center and heavy 5/16 on outside lug.i went ahesd and bought another set sunday because its summer and mud tires tend to wear quick in summer in paticular to the point im at.i figure ill get close to 30k out of them.considering on it been a mud tire and a aggressive tread thats really good.ive had numerous brands over the years and ive been pleased with the all around features of this tire.they go good in snow.comfortable and average in rain like any mud tire.they handle like normal.they do have a very smooth ride with very little float.and have a very tolerable noise level.i ran the sidewall recomended pressure and rotated at least every 5k.if id done better i probley could have milked some more miles out.these tires do eat the earth like a damn hog.they will leave some ruts in paticular if you own something with some juice under the skinny pedal.simple tires have these the cheapest ive found and delivered very quick.for a cheaper alt to a toyo etc id suggest these

Kanati Mud Hog LT305/70R-16

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