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Hankook Dynapro HT (RH12)

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4.6964253393665 (221) 4.69 5
  • Part Number: 1013912
  • Service Description: 105 T
  • UTQG: 700AB
  • Sidewall: BW
  • Load Range: B (4 Ply)
  • Treadlife Warranty: 70000 miles
  • Type: Light Truck Highway
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Hankook Dynapro HT (RH12) Overview

Light Truck Highway

Your new Hankook Dynapro HT RH12 tires will get you wherever you want to go during all seasons of the year. The Dynapro HT RH12 tires are speed rated Q,R, and S and provide a premium highway tire driving experience. These tires are built for SUV, light trucks, and vans. The Dynapro HT RH12 have been designed with features that enhance snow traction while giving low rolling resistance and a longer tread life. The center block is built to be highly stiff which lets you have exceptional and responsive steering whether you are on wet or dry ground. Through computer generation, the wide tread design gives drivers better mileage along with reduced road noise and ample grip during all sorts of seasonal conditions. Lateral notches in the tire treads improve traction and help to expel snow and water from underneath the tires. The intermediate tread blocks keep the Dynapro HT RH12 tires stable while four circumferential grooves assist with hydroplane prevention.

Features & Benefits

  • All-season Q,R,S rated highway tires
  • Computer designed treads for optimum life and traction
  • Reduced road noise and improved handling

Tire Specifications

Dynapro HT (RH12) Tire Specifications

Size UTQG Max. Load Inflation Pressure Tread Depth Rim Width Range Sect. Width Tread Width Overall Diam
P245/65R-17 700AB 2,039 lbs 51 psi 12/32nds 7.0-8.5" 10" N/A 30"

Purchase includes the Hankook Dynapro HT (RH12) tire only. The wheel rim shown in the picture is not included. Picture provided is a stock picture from the manufacturer and may or may not reflect the actual product being ordered.

All Hankook Dynapro HT (RH12) tires are continuously developing with manufactured improvements. With that said, Simple Tire and the manufacturers have the right to change these tire specifications at any time without notice or obligation.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@simpletire.com

Please Note: Specifications of the Hankook Dynapro HT (RH12) tires shown above are listed to be as accurate as possible based on the information provided to us by Hankook tires.

Available Sizes & Prices

Dynapro HT (RH12) Available Sizes & Prices

Size Serv. Desc. UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Qty
P245/65R17 105T 700AB BW 1013912 $539.92 set of 4 $134.98 View Details
185/60R15 94/92T BW 2021133 $495.96 set of 4 $123.99 View Details
195/75R16 107/105R 380AA BW 2001864 $571.92 set of 4 $142.98 View Details
215/55R16 97H 700AB BW 1024796 $559.92 set of 4 $139.98 View Details
P215/70R16 99T 700AB BW 1011332 $451.92 set of 4 $112.98 View Details
LT215/85R16 115/112Q 700AB BW 2001832 $587.92 set of 4 $146.98 View Details
225/65R17 102H 380AA BW 1014070 $487.92 set of 4 $121.98 View Details
225/65R17 102H 380AA BW 1023527 $487.92 set of 4 $121.98 View Details
225/65R17 102H 380AA BW 1014355 $391.88 set of 4 $97.97 View Details
P225/70R16 101T 700AB BW 1013909 $451.92 set of 4 $112.98 View Details
LT225/75R16 115/112S BW 2001831 $539.92 set of 4 $134.98 View Details
P225/75R16 104T 700AB BW 1013911 $479.92 set of 4 $119.98 View Details
235/65R16 121/119R 380AA BW 2001863 $659.92 set of 4 $164.98 View Details
P235/70R17 108T 700AB BW 1012468 $547.92 set of 4 $136.98 View Details
P235/70R16 107T 700AB OWL 1011334 $499.92 set of 4 $124.98 View Details
LT235/75R15 104/101Q OWL 2002008 $475.92 set of 4 $118.98 View Details
P235/75R16 109T 700AB OWL 1011339 $487.92 set of 4 $121.98 View Details
P235/75R15 108T 700AB OWL 1011330 $439.92 set of 4 $109.98 View Details
LT235/80R17 120/117R BW 2001835 $695.92 set of 4 $173.98 View Details
LT235/85R16 120/116Q BW 2001811 $599.92 set of 4 $149.98 View Details
P245/65R17 105T 700AB WW 1011342 $635.96 set of 4 $158.99 View Details
LT245/70R17 119/116S BW 2001833 $651.92 set of 4 $162.98 View Details
P245/70R17 108T 700AB OWL 1011345 $519.92 set of 4 $129.98 View Details
P245/70R16 106T 700AB OWL 1011335 $471.92 set of 4 $117.98 View Details
P245/75R16 109S 500BB BW 1015220 $527.92 set of 4 $131.98 View Details
LT245/75R16 120/116S BW 2001614 $619.92 set of 4 $154.98 View Details
LT245/75R17 121/118S BW 2001834 $687.92 set of 4 $171.98 View Details
P245/75R16 109T 700AB OWL 1011340 $487.92 set of 4 $121.98 View Details
P255/65R17 108T 700AB OWL 1011343 $591.92 set of 4 $147.98 View Details
255/70R16 111T 500BA BW 1021744 $523.92 set of 4 $130.98 View Details
P255/70R18 112T 700AB BW 1011350 $691.92 set of 4 $172.98 View Details
P255/70R17 110T 700AB OWL 1011346 $639.92 set of 4 $159.98 View Details
P255/70R16 109T 700AB OWL 1011336 $511.92 set of 4 $127.98 View Details
265/60R18 110T 700BA BW 1013169 $667.92 set of 4 $166.98 View Details
P265/60R18 109T 700AB BW 1017448 $655.92 set of 4 $163.98 View Details
P265/65R17 110T 700AB BW 1011344 $599.92 set of 4 $149.98 View Details
P265/65R18 112T 700AB BW 1013843 $659.92 set of 4 $164.98 View Details
P265/70R16 111T 700AB BW 1017446 $515.92 set of 4 $128.98 View Details
265/70R15 113T 700AB BW 1016373 View Details
P265/70R18 114T 700AB BW 1011351 $659.92 set of 4 $164.98 View Details
LT265/70R17 121/118S BW 2001848 $699.92 set of 4 $174.98 View Details
P265/70R16 111T 700AB OWL 1011337 $515.92 set of 4 $128.98 View Details
P265/70R17 113T 700AB OWL 1011347 $611.92 set of 4 $152.98 View Details
LT265/75R16 123/120S BW 2001812 $667.92 set of 4 $166.98 View Details
P265/75R16 114T 700AB OWL 1011341 $583.92 set of 4 $145.98 View Details
275/55R20 113T 700AB BW 1013171 $711.92 set of 4 $177.98 View Details
P275/55R20 111H 700AB BW 1012466 $719.92 set of 4 $179.98 View Details
P275/60R20 114T 700AB BW 1013844 $747.92 set of 4 $186.98 View Details
P275/65R18 114T 700AB BW 1011349 $639.92 set of 4 $159.98 View Details
275/65R18 116H 700BA BW 1016508 $639.92 set of 4 $159.98 View Details
285/45R22 114H 700AA BW 1016510 $927.92 set of 4 $231.98 View Details

Treadlife Warranty

Dynapro HT (RH12) Treadlife Warranty

This product is covered by a 70,000 mile manufacturer’s treadlife warranty.

Merchandise covered by a manufacturer’s warranty is sold with the warranty by the manufacturer extended to the purchaser. We will be happy to assist in obtaining fulfillment of a manufacturer’s warranty. Other than applicable manufacturers’ warranties, there are no warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

The only tires SimpleTire can warranty are brand new defects (meaning that they have not been mounted or driven on). Any bead damaged will be void of any warranty claim. Any other adjustments should be taken to the nearest authorized dealer for that manufacturer.

Sometimes the manufacturer also provides a treadlife warranty and mileage rating. Please be aware that not all tires hold a mileage warranty from the manufacturer. Different tire models, even from the same manufacturer, may or may not come with a treadlife warranty.

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Ratings & Reviews

Hankook Dynapro HT (RH12)

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Dry Wet Snow Comfort Noise Treadwear
5 .0
5 .0
4 .0
5 .0
5 .0
5 .0
With nearly 11,000 miles, about 70% on highways, I am very happy with these tires. They are quiet, with good turn-in response and adequate grip on dry roads. In October, I had to drive to the east coast of central Florida. My schedule was such that I had to travel when a tropical storm was pounding north Florida and SE Georgia. Blinding, high wind driven rain. Visibility on interstate 95 was often less than one hundred yards. I experienced zero hydroplaning. Indeed, the tires channeled enormous volumes of water with ease. This past winter, these Hankooks were very good on light snow covered roads. On packed snow, icy roads, they had superior traction to the Mud Terrain tires on my other vehicle (Jeep Wrangler). Only in very deep snow did the Mud Terrain tires perform better. At 10,800 miles, tread wear is imperceptible. Considerably less than 1/32". As light truck tires go, these are among the best available where your truck spends the vast majority of time on improved or paved roads. Highly recommended.
Installed on my class c motor home, immediately noticed a quiet ride and feels like a softer ride. Unknown how long they will last it if they work good in rain snow but I like them.

Hankook Dynapro HT (RH12) P245/65R-17

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