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Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter

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4.1575 (12) 4.33 5
  • Part Number: 015216
  • Service Description: 95 H
  • UTQG: 600AA
  • Sidewall: BW
  • Load Range: B (4 Ply)
  • Treadlife Warranty: 70000 miles
  • Type: Passenger All Season
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Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter Overview

Passenger All Season

Commonly used on coupes, sedans, and minivans, the Champion Fuel Fighter is an all-season tire that's built to last and offers drivers a 70,000-mile limited tread life warranty.

Features & Benefits

  • All-season tread
  • Black sidewall
  • 70,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty
  • Features Fuel Fighter Technology that helps to increase fuel efficiency by lowering rolling resistance
  • Year-round performance and longevity are a must for most drivers, and those who frequently commute to work or take road trips with the family in a coupe, sedan, or minivan usually make sure that they find a tire that can do both. Fortunately, Firestone built the Champion Fuel Fighter with these drivers in mind, as its new tread pattern offers drivers strong performance in dry, wet, and wintery conditions. The Champion Fuel Fighter features two new innovations from Firestone. First, a special rubber compound and optimized footprint combine to improve traction on wet roads while also promoting an even wear. Second, the Champion Fuel Fighter is designed with Fuel Fighter Technology to lower rolling resistance and increase fuel efficiency. This combination saves drivers at the pump and means that the tire has a longer tread life.

Tire Specifications

Champion Fuel Fighter Tire Specifications

Size UTQG Max. Load Inflation Pressure Tread Depth Rim Width Range Sect. Width Tread Width Overall Diam
215/55R-18 600AA 0 lbs 0 psi 10/32nds 6.0-7.5 " 0" N/A 27"

Purchase includes the Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter tire only. The wheel rim shown in the picture is not included. Picture provided is a stock picture from the manufacturer and may or may not reflect the actual product being ordered.

All Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter tires are continuously developing with manufactured improvements. With that said, Simple Tire and the manufacturers have the right to change these tire specifications at any time without notice or obligation.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@simpletire.com

Please Note: Specifications of the Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter tires shown above are listed to be as accurate as possible based on the information provided to us by Firestone tires.

Available Sizes & Prices

Champion Fuel Fighter Available Sizes & Prices

Size Serv. Desc. UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Qty
215/55R18 95H 600AA BW 015216 $667.96 set of 4 $166.99 View Details
175/65R15 84H 600AA BW 015046 $387.96 set of 4 $96.99 View Details
185/55R15 82H 600AA BW 015386 $411.96 set of 4 $102.99 View Details
185/60R14 82H 600AA BW 015063 $327.96 set of 4 $81.99 View Details
185/60R15 84T 600AB BW 014791 $403.96 set of 4 $100.99 View Details
185/65R15 88H 600AA BW 015080 $387.96 set of 4 $96.99 View Details
195/50R16 84H 600AA BW 000107 $479.96 set of 4 $119.99 View Details
195/55R15 85H 600AA BW 015403 $423.96 set of 4 $105.99 View Details
195/55R16 87H 600AA BW 015097 $499.96 set of 4 $124.99 View Details
195/60R15 88H 600AA BW 015114 $391.96 set of 4 $97.99 View Details
195/65R15 91H 600AA BW 015131 $383.96 set of 4 $95.99 View Details
205/50R16 87H 600AA BW 015420 $487.96 set of 4 $121.99 View Details
205/50R17 89V 600AA BW 015437 $575.96 set of 4 $143.99 View Details
205/55R16 91H 600AA BW 015148 $439.96 set of 4 $109.99 View Details
205/60R15 91H 600AA BW 015165 $403.96 set of 4 $100.99 View Details
205/60R16 92H 600AA BW 015182 $423.96 set of 4 $105.99 View Details
205/65R15 94H 600AA BW 015199 $383.96 set of 4 $95.99 View Details
205/65R16 95H 600AA BW 023240 $443.96 set of 4 $110.99 View Details
205/70R15 96T 600AB BW 014808 $355.96 set of 4 $88.99 View Details
215/45R17 87V 600AA BW 015454 $603.96 set of 4 $150.99 View Details
215/50R17 95V 600AA BW 015471 $599.96 set of 4 $149.99 View Details
215/55R16 93H 600AA BW 015488 $471.96 set of 4 $117.99 View Details
215/55R17 94V 600AA BW 015505 $583.96 set of 4 $145.99 View Details
215/60R15 94H 600AA BW 015233 $399.96 set of 4 $99.99 View Details
215/60R16 95T 600AB BW 015029 $435.96 set of 4 $108.99 View Details
215/60R16 95V 600AA BW 015369 $459.96 set of 4 $114.99 View Details
215/60R17 96T 600AB BW 014825 $555.96 set of 4 $138.99 View Details
215/65R17 99T 600AB BW 014876 $523.96 set of 4 $130.99 View Details
215/65R16 98T 600AB BW 014859 $439.96 set of 4 $109.99 View Details
215/70R15 98T 600AB BW 014910 $383.96 set of 4 $95.99 View Details
225/45R17 91V 600AA BW 015522 $599.96 set of 4 $149.99 View Details
225/45R18 95V 600AA BW 015539 $719.96 set of 4 $179.99 View Details
225/50R17 94V 600AA BW 015556 $595.96 set of 4 $148.99 View Details
225/50R18 95T 600AB BW 014927 $707.96 set of 4 $176.99 View Details
225/55R17 97V 600AA BW 015590 $567.96 set of 4 $141.99 View Details
225/60R16 98H 600AA BW 015607 $459.96 set of 4 $114.99 View Details
225/60R17 99H 600AA BW 015284 $579.96 set of 4 $144.99 View Details
225/60R18 100H 600AA BW 015301 $619.96 set of 4 $154.99 View Details
225/65R16 100H 600AA BW 015335 $455.96 set of 4 $113.99 View Details
225/65R17 102T 600AB BW 014944 $567.96 set of 4 $141.99 View Details
225/70R16 103T 600AB BW 014961 $491.96 set of 4 $122.99 View Details
235/45R18 94V 600AA BW 001814 $743.96 set of 4 $185.99 View Details
235/45R17 97H 600AA BW 015624 $683.96 set of 4 $170.99 View Details
235/55R17 99H 600AA BW 015641 $599.96 set of 4 $149.99 View Details
235/55R18 100V 600AA BW 015658 $679.96 set of 4 $169.99 View Details
235/60R17 102H 600AA BW 015352 $587.96 set of 4 $146.99 View Details
235/60R16 100T 600AB BW 014978 $495.96 set of 4 $123.99 View Details
235/65R16 103T 600AB BW 014995 $463.96 set of 4 $115.99 View Details
235/65R17 104T 600AB BW 015012 $571.96 set of 4 $142.99 View Details

Treadlife Warranty

Champion Fuel Fighter Treadlife Warranty

This product is covered by a 70,000 mile manufacturer’s treadlife warranty.

Merchandise covered by a manufacturer’s warranty is sold with the warranty by the manufacturer extended to the purchaser. We will be happy to assist in obtaining fulfillment of a manufacturer’s warranty. Other than applicable manufacturers’ warranties, there are no warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

The only tires SimpleTire can warranty are brand new defects (meaning that they have not been mounted or driven on). Any bead damaged will be void of any warranty claim. Any other adjustments should be taken to the nearest authorized dealer for that manufacturer.

Sometimes the manufacturer also provides a treadlife warranty and mileage rating. Please be aware that not all tires hold a mileage warranty from the manufacturer. Different tire models, even from the same manufacturer, may or may not come with a treadlife warranty.

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Ratings & Reviews

Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter

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(Based on 3 Reviews)
Dry Wet Comfort Noise Treadwear
4 .0
4 .0
4 .0
4 .0
4 .0
These are generally good tires. They don’t last as long as what they claim and they are hard to balance and always have a slight vibration depending on the speed. Once they wear down the noise they emit gets exponentially louder. Overall these tires are generally good but compared to tires from their sister company Bridgestone, the savings is not worth putting a set of these on your car if there is a comparable Bridgestone tire available. The Bridgestones are much better. The rolling resistance on these is next to nothing and if you’re someone that is light on the throttle, these tires may save you a little money on gas. These are definitely not high-performance tires so if you drive your car in a spirited fashion look for another tire. The tires hold air well and lose about a pound or two of pressure a month. They are good looking tires and I have not had any problems with them but would I buy them again, I would say no because I drive at a spirited clip and other tires I’ve had perform much better. If you follow the speed limit and drive more conservatively, I would say these tires are adequate for all road and weather conditions. If you’re going to buy them buy them at Simple tire, they have the best price and excellent service. By submitting a review, each person received a sweepstakes entry.
I am so glad I bought these fire stone tires! I have made a trip to North Carolina and even though it was raining I was not worried about hydroplaning. Every day when I’m in my car I feel like it handles very well and I feel safe. It was so easy to buy them online and have them delivered and put on. I will recommend this to everybody! By submitting a review, each person received a sweepstakes entry.
I put these on my 2015 Sonata 2.0 Turbo Limited. I am a spirited driver and can offer the following from my rolling these tires for about 3K miles now. These tires are very good. There's a LOT of rubber on these and their handling is just that, a little rubbery feeling and turn in doesn't have the crisp bite that I'm used to coming off of the original Kumhos, but you get used to it. I would have to wait a year or two so that the tread wears down a bit to gauge their true handling. I can tell you that they are SMOOTH riding and are very QUIET. They have great grip in the rain and in dry conditions. They give you a sense of security in any condition. Over all, I am impressed by these tires and would recommend them to anyone with a mid to large sedan.

Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter 215/55R-18

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