SameDay Delivery is Here!

The convenience of shopping online has just been taken to another level.  Now, you don’t have to stress about those trailer tires you should have ordered last week- your vacation has just been saved!

SimpleTire is proud to announce a new partnership with FedEx that will help us get your tires to you even faster! In an effort to improve customer service and delivery time, we’re teaming up with Fedex to provide same-day delivery on tire orders through  You may have heard of "same-day shipping" - meaning we'll process your order and send it the same day - but SameDay deliver ensures that you'll actually receive your tires on the same day you place the order!  

FedEx's SameDay delivery option is the fastest way to get items delivered to customers. Once an order is processed, customers can count on delivery at their door or installer in just hours. SimpleTire has a great reputation for being the best place to purchase tires online, so what happens when two companies with great reputations come together?  Customers have even more freedom and buying tires online gets even easier.

How does SameDay Delivery Work?

While you are searching for your tires you will note some of them are highlighted with a "Same Day Delivery Eligible" icon. These items have been selected as being within a same day delivery range of your zip code. When you add those selected tires to your cart it will allow you to choose where you’re shipping the tires to. We recommend having them shipped to one of our certified installers or a business, but, you can also have them shipped to your house. You then choose the "Same Day Delivery" option at checkout and continue to place your order.

Once your order is received we will work quickly to get the tires prepped and shipped. Most tires are delivered within a few hours, often within 1 hour. We are able to deliver to a business as long as we have a 3-hour window before they close. If delivering to a house the window is a bit longer.  This service is great for someone who needs the tire immediately, or orders on a Thursday or Friday and wants to receive it before the weekend so they can get their service done.

*Please note there are additional charges (that will show after the shipping address is added) for delivering to a residence and other charges related to oversized packages (larger tires). Also, there is a charge if you choose to do Same Day Delivery, and we process the order and you cancel. If for some reason you need to cancel, please let us know immediately since we work to process those orders the minute they come in.