Federal Couragia XUV P235/55R-18

  • Part Number: 78240
  • Service Description: 104 V
  • UTQG: 400AA
  • Sidewall: BW
  • Load Range: XL
  • Type: Passenger Highway
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Federal Couragia XUV P235/55R18

A new SUV All-season Touring tire that delivers excellent stability and comfort with the state-of-the-art technology.

Features & Benefits

  • Four straight-line groove design for the maximum water dispersion -The four vertical tread grooves are designed to efficiently expel water.
  • Slanted Long Groove Design on the center of the tire -To resist hydroplaning by dispersing water through the circumferential grooves for better grip while increasing contact area on the road surface.
  • Sipe Patterns with assorted variation -A total of 148 varied combinations of sipes which are optimally placed on the tread with the aim for achieving smaller blocks " with the result in minimum noise when the tire is contacting on road.
  • Lateral Patterns on Center Rib -Provides straight-line performance and stability at high speed.
  • Stiff Interconnected Blocks -Stiff interconnected among bigger shoulder blocks promotes quietness, comfort and driving stability by locking shoulder blocks together for balanced rigidity while also prevents the tire from uneven wear.
  • The Opposite Slanted Angle Design -The opposite slanted angle design on the tread adds longevity and prevents uneven wear.

Tire Specifications

Couragia XUV P235/55R18

Size UTQG Max. Load Inflation Pressure Tread Depth Tire Weight Rim Width Range Sect. Width Tread Width Overall Diam
P235/55R-18 400AA 1,984 lbs 50 psi 11/32nds 29 lbs N/A 10" N/A 28"

Purchase includes the Federal Couragia XUV tire only. The wheel rim shown in the picture is not included. Picture provided is a stock picture from the manufacturer and may or may not reflect the actual product being ordered.

All Federal Couragia XUV tires are continuously developing with manufactured improvements. With that said, Simple Tire and the manufacturers have the right to change these tire specifications at any time without notice or obligation.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Please Note: Specifications of the Federal Couragia XUV tires shown above are listed to be as accurate as possible based on the information provided to us by Federal tires.

Available Sizes & Prices

Couragia XUV P235/55R18

Size Serv. Desc. UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Qty
P205/70R15 96H 440AA BW 670F5AF $415.68 set of 4 $103.92 View Details
P205/70R15 96H 440AA BW 670F5AFE $279.88 set of 4 $69.97 View Details
P215/65R16 98H BW 67AG6AFE $379.68 set of 4 $94.92 View Details
P215/70R16 100H 400AA BW 78237 $327.68 set of 4 $81.92 View Details
P225/55R18 98V 440AA BW 67BI8AFE $419.92 set of 4 $104.98 View Details
P225/60R17 99H BW 67BH7AFE $407.68 set of 4 $101.92 View Details
P225/65R17 102H 400AA BW 78238 $359.68 set of 4 $89.92 View Details
P225/70R16 103H 440AA BW 67BF6BFE $367.92 set of 4 $91.98 View Details
LT225/75R16 115S BW 73BE6AFE $455.92 set of 4 $113.98 View Details
P235/55R17 99H 400AA BW 78239 $339.68 set of 4 $84.92 View Details
P235/55R18 104V 400AA BW 78240 $439.68 set of 4 $109.92 View Details
P235/60R17 102V 440AA BW 67CH7AFE $379.92 set of 4 $94.98 View Details
P235/60R16 100H 440AA BW 67CH6AFE $347.88 set of 4 $86.97 View Details
P235/65R17 108V 440AA BW 67CG7AFE $399.88 set of 4 $99.97 View Details
P235/65R18 106H BW 67CG8AFE $447.88 set of 4 $111.97 View Details
P235/70R16 106H 440AA BW 67CF6AFE $295.88 set of 4 $73.97 View Details
P245/50R20 102H BW 67DJ0AFA $591.92 set of 4 $147.98 View Details
P245/60R18 105H 440AA BW 67DH8AFE $475.92 set of 4 $118.98 View Details
P245/65R17 111H 440AA BW 67DG7AFE $427.92 set of 4 $106.98 View Details
P245/70R16 107H 440AA BW 67DF6AFE $407.92 set of 4 $101.98 View Details
LT245/75R16 116S BW 73DE63FE $443.88 set of 4 $110.97 View Details
P255/50R20 107H BW 67EJ0AFA $619.92 set of 4 $154.98 View Details
P255/60R17 110V 440AA BW 67EH7AFE $463.92 set of 4 $115.98 View Details
P255/60R19 109H BW 67EH9AFA $631.92 set of 4 $157.98 View Details
P255/65R16 109H 440AA BW 67EG6AFE $511.92 set of 4 $127.98 View Details
P255/70R16 111H 440AA BW 67EF6AFE $439.92 set of 4 $109.98 View Details
P255/70R15 112H 440AA BW 67EF5AFE $419.88 set of 4 $104.97 View Details
P265/60R18 110H BW 67FH8AFE $507.92 set of 4 $126.98 View Details
P265/65R17 112H 440AA BW 67FG7AFE $491.92 set of 4 $122.98 View Details
P265/65R17 106H 440AA BW 67FG7AF $607.68 set of 4 $151.92 View Details
P265/70R15 112H 440AA BW 67FF5AFE $439.88 set of 4 $109.97 View Details
P265/70R16 112H 440AA BW 67FF6AFE $383.88 set of 4 $95.97 View Details
P265/70R17 115H 440AA BW 67FF7AFE $439.88 set of 4 $109.97 View Details
LT265/70R17 120S BW 73FF73FA $431.88 set of 4 $107.97 View Details
P265/70R16 107H 440AA BW 67FF6AF View Details
P265/70R17 440AA BW 67FF7AF View Details
LT265/75R16 123S 440AA BW 73FE64FA $491.88 set of 4 $122.97 View Details
LT265/75R16 120S BW 73FE64FE $503.88 set of 4 $125.97 View Details
P275/70R16 114H 440AA BW 67GF6AFE $447.88 set of 4 $111.97 View Details
P285/60R18 120H 440AA BW 67HH8AFA $663.92 set of 4 $165.98 View Details

Treadlife Warranty

Couragia XUV P235/55R18

This product is not covered by a manufacturer’s treadlife warranty.

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Federal Couragia XUV

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