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On Countrywide Stud S356 Tires

On 01/30/2018 gave an Overall Rating of 2.00
Noise Treadwear
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Not recommended for a go kart drive tire that spins much. Put these tires on my kids go kart. It's a 5HP single wheel drive junkpile to bump around the yard in, not a racekart. It wore this tire down to the cords and blew it out in about 3 hours of riding time on hardpack dirt. This is also a rather round profile tire. Drives well on the steering tires, but would not consider again as a drive tire. Granted, this kart spins a lot with the single wheel drive. But it had 20 year old 2 ply Kendas on it that still had tread but had weather cracks bad enough to let thorns in. I think this Countrywide tire is just a really soft compound that would be better suited to a garden cart or something.