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Vredestein V54



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    The Vredestein V54 is a heavy-duty high-speed tire that's suited for variety of trailer and agricultural machines. The V54 features a durable carcass construction that helps in increasing the overall lifespan of the tire. The thick tread of the V54 assures great resistance to punctures and its unique shoulder tread is optimized to provide good track stability. Additionally, the reinforced sidewalls of the V54 provide additional durability while wider sipes on the tread allow the tire to promote better contact with the surface by creating additional biting edges.

    Features & Benefits

    • Durable carcass construction ensures longevity
    • Thick tread provides greater resistance to punctures
    • Unique shoulder tread improves stability
    • Reinforced sidewalls provide additional strength to carry heavy loads
    • Wider sipes help in building better contact with the surface

    Mileage Warranty
    Load Index
    761 lbs (71)
    Max Speed
    81 MPH (M)
    Load Range
    761 lbs (71)
    Part Number
    Overall Diameter