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Verified Customer
Nov 25, 2016

I used to run Dunlap SP431 in a 245/70r19.5, and they were discontinued. They were the best tire ever in 19.5. I tried a cheap Cooper R...

Michael Laing
Verified Customer

I would recommend tires but not simple tire. They used Estes freight. They didn't call to schedule delivery, they showed up while I was a...

D Thompson
Verified Customer
May 2, 2016

I live in the desert but have driven in all kinds of weather with no handling issues. I run toyos on two trucks an off road vehicle and a...

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Get technical:

Designed for local and regional over-the-highway use, the all-season M920 is Toyo's premium drive-axle radial tire. Featuring wide staggered tread blocks and a differential groove design, the M920 delivers improved traction and performance while minimizing irregular wear and wandering. Stone ejectors grooves prevent casing damage, while a stiffer bead construction promotes resistance to irregular wear. Built with e-balance technology, its profile maintains a flatter, more uniform tread radius for excellent profile retention the entire life of the casing. The V-notch promotes good edge effect for all-weather traction.

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