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Loretta Hurt
Verified Customer

I must honestly say these are the best tires I ever purchased..Simple Tire made it easy to explore and compare.Brought just the right one...

Loretta Hurt
Verified Customer
Sep 11, 2017

I was looking everywhere for tires,I came across Simple Tires website.Easy to use and had plenty to choose from.I was looking for a certa...

Rhett Boeker
Verified Customer
Sep 20, 2017

Loudest humming tires I've ever had. Starts at 63mph. Great life. Had 90k miles and still half tread. Got rid of them for some nice quiet...

Helen Mitchell
Verified Customer
Dec 30, 2012

our company makes long hauls across country, regardless of the weather. we drive through it all. snow, sleet, rain. we needed good back d...

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Get technical:

Need reliable tires for your long haul truck that are built to last and stay tough through major loads? These Toyo M657 Tires are here to deliver. Featuring a unique, 28/32 deep tread for even wear that maximizes fuel efficiency and the mileage of your tires in long haul applications. Also features a high-elongation top belt to protect the casing integrity of the tires.


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