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Jon W. Kirchanski
Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 2012 LT Ext. Cab
Verified Customer
Mar 8, 2021

First rate.

Morrie Pogson
Verified Customer
Dec 17, 2013

Just bought 6 more

Phillip LeBanc
Verified Customer

So far so good. As I am using this tires on a RV, real issue how long will the tires age? Do you have a rating for aging ratings. The Goo...

Sergey Velichko
Verified Customer
Jan 8, 2017
Harry J Dwyer
Verified Customer
Dec 30, 2015

love the tires they ride great they look even better

Timothy Laczek
Verified Customer
Jun 16, 2015
Verified Customer
Jun 12, 2014
Jim Obland
Verified Customer
Jul 31, 2020

These tires are excellent for my motorhome.

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Get technical:

A Premium All Position Radial well suited for all axle positions all-position, all-steel, low-profile radial designed especially for demanding over the highway use.


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