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Wireless Charging Innovations for Electric Cars

As energy prices continue to soar, many people are turning to electric cars to help them save on costs. Electric cars run on large battery packs that need to be recharged regularly for continued use. They do, however, end up protecting the environment and consumption of our nonrenewable resources.

Up until now, electric cars have had to be plugged in so that the batteries can recharge for the next use. New technologies, however, are currently being tested and will be available on the market soon. One of the most beneficial technologies is a charging plate that allows drivers to charge up their electric cars wirelessly.

Rather than plugging a car in to recharge its batteries, the new charging plate contains enough magnetic resonance to complete the job wirelessly. The driver simply has to park their car squarely over a magnetic plate and their batteries can be recharged without the hassle of having to plug anything in.

The new charging systems will use magnetic resonance technology, which transmits electricity through the intensive field created between the ground plate and the car. There is essentially a magnetic coil on the ground that interacts with one attached to the underside of the car. This method allows for wireless charging of electric cars without physically having to plug anything in. Drivers will also no longer have to remember to plug their vehicles in for a battery recharge.

In addition to the magnetic resonance technology, car companies are also trying to find various ways to help drivers position their cars easily over the magnetic plates on the ground. This parking assistance system will impact the industry tremendously, making it easier for electric car drivers to recharge their batteries. Making the process more mindless makes it more intriguing to drivers.
Toyota and Volvo are the frontrunners in making wireless charging of electric cars possible. With such innovation in the field, more and more people will become attracted to electric cars. People are generally attracted to anything that will save their money as long as it is easily implemented. Driving an electric car with wireless recharging capabilities certainly saves a car owner some money and they can continue on in life with ease.