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5 Popular Ways People Destroy Their New Tires

You just dropped close to a grand on new tires, the last thing you’d want to do is ruin them, right? That would be the thought process of any rational human being, but like us, you’re far from rational. There are a lot of ways to ruin new tires – from getting a nail stuck in the tread, to puncturing the sidewall with a curb – but we want to focus on how people ruin their tires deliberiatly. 

Running Excessive Camber: 

Camber and stance are trends right now for the cool kids – but tire experts know it eats rubber up really, really fast. Camber refers to the tilt of the wheels as viewed from the front or rear. If camber is out of specification, a tire will wear unevenly on one shoulder. So as you can imagine, having your camber cocked way out will leave you will tires that have outsides balder than the Dalai Lama’s head.

Burnouts and Power Braking

This is a tried and true way to roast your brand new rubber. What began as a drag racing tactic to heat tires and obtain the most amount of traction possible has become a good way to impress your buddies – and that cutie on the sideline. Burnouts are best accomplished in a manual transmission vehicle; to start a burnout you simply depress the clutch and rev the engine for a few seconds you then quicly release the clutch, producing smoke and burning rubber.

Power Braking:
Power braking isthe kissing cousin to a burnout. Whereas a burnout employs a manual transmission, power braking is performed with an automatic. Such a maneuver is performed by keeping one foot on the brake while the other is on the gas in order to build engine rpm before launch. Once the RPMs have been raised, the driver slowly lets off the brake, leaving a cloud of smoke and trail of rubber in his wake. Like a burnout, the heat produced during this procedure roasts tires like a pig on a spit.


If you’ve ever watched the movie Fast and Furious, you know that drifting is aa driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels or all tires, while maintaining control from entry to exit of a corner. Not surprisingly, this practice is extremely hard on tires; the heat produced while sliding across the asphalt can quickly melt your rubber, but you’ll have fun doing it!

Hand Brake Turns:

Need to take a really sharp corner and impress all of your friends? Then you need to perfect the hand brake turn. This method of turning tight corners uses the emergency brake to lock up the rear wheels, allowing the vehicle to slide through a corner with a tighter radius. It’s not difficult to understand how this can obliterate your tires faster than you can say Michelin Man. Just like drifting, using your hand brake to slide across the asphalt heats up your tires, burning rubber and leaving them “D”-shaped.

Improper Wheel Fitment:

You just bought some fancy aftermarket wheels and lowered your car for for appearance and better handling. Did you know that you can improper fitting wheels can ruin your tires two ways? By rubbing your tires on your suspension components and/or on your fenders. However there are fixes for that if your tires are rubbing on suspension componenets you will need to get wheel spacers. If you are rubbing on your fenders, you will need to get your fenders rolled

Sure, you could pamper your new tires and drive like an 80 year-old on the way to church, but wouldn’t you rather have some fun roasting them? After all, you can buy tires but you can’t buy memories.