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Vacation Driving - Can Nitrogen in Your Vehicle's Tires Save You Money?

Travelers can save money on gasoline by replacing the air in their vehicle's and RV's tires with nitrogen gas. They can also save money on gas in their every day driving as well.  Research has shown that drivers can improve their gas mileage by over three percent when they use nitrogen in their vehicle's tires..

This is not new technology as it has been used for years by commercial airlines as well as in NASCAR cars. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mandates that nitrogen gas be used in all commercial aircraft tires to eliminate the possibility of water vapor freezing at high altitudes which happens with air filled tires. NASCAR teams also use nitrogen gas in the tires of their racing cars because the tire pressure fluctuates less than it does with air.

How can using nitrogen gas in your vehicle's tires save you a lot of money?

Firstly, you don't need to buy new tires to make the change, your present tires will do just fine. If you use nitrogen in your tires you can improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency and save a lot of money over time. Nitrogen gas in your tires also improves your vehicle's handling and extends the life of your tires so you will have to replace them less often. There is no question that in these times of record high gasoline prices you will realize significant savings on all your driving for many years to come.

How can using nitrogen gas, in your vehicle's tires also improve our environment?

By using nitrogen gas instead of air in you vehicle's tires, it will help to better maintain proper tire air pressure.  This optimizes tire road contact which reduces tire/road resistance.  Because of this, the fuel economy is increased and less exhaust emissions enter into the atmosphere.  You might say that by going green you are also saving green, greenbacks, that is.

How can you do your part to help America's economy reduce its dependence on foreign oil?

Current national research shows that if every driver in the U.S. replaced the air in each of their vehicle's tires with nitrogen gas, they would improve their gas mileage by over three percent.  These figures  translate into an enormous saving of almost four trillion gallons of gasoline per year!

For more information and research on the growing use of nitrogen gas in motor vehicles' tires including those of commercial carriers, visit Get Nitrogen at their website, GetNitrogen.org. In addition to the research data, you will find an ever growing list of registered dealers in the United States and Canada that can replace the air in your tires with nitrogen.

These are some important points on how you can save gasoline and reduce green house gas emissions at the same time by not driving on under inflated tires, whether you use air or nitrogen gas in them.

Check your vehicle owner's manual for the optimum inflated tire pressure.

Measure tire pressure accurately with a tire gauge as a visual tire inspection is not reliable.