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Tire Sizes Explained

Tire Sizes Explained!

Finding your tire size may be hard at first, but once you know where it is listed and what each number means, it becomes very easy, even easier each time you need it in the future.  Tire sizes are made of of three numbers, first is the tire “Width”, second the tire “Ratio”, and third is the “Rim” size/diameter.  These numbers are located on most every car's inner door jam, as well as on the older/current tires outside wall.  Using the size on the outer sidewall is very important if your car does have an aftermarket or replacement wheel that was not stock from the factory. has also simplified this by adding an option on our website allowing you to search by your vehicle information. Simply enter the Year, Make, Model, and Option/PKG. Always also make sure to check both front and back tire sizes. Some cars like Nissan 350z, and older muscle cars sometimes have offsetting wheels making the tire sizes differ. In this case we also have an option where you can enter BOTH front and back sizes on our size search option, and we will find you a matching set. At the end of the day it is always in your best option if you are happy with the tires currently on your vehicle to purchase the exact same size again. Simple tire will do our best to help you find your tire size, and guide you in the purchase. Unfortunately we try not to give advice or opinions on what “might” fit on your car. We rather our customers have done the research first, and know exactly what tire they're interested in so we can focus on getting them the right tire the first time, with NO issue!