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Throwback Thursday: 3 Best James Bond Cars

Aston Martin Tires

Along with all the womanizing, drinking, fighting and spying that James Bond does, the other thing he’s always been really, really good at is driving. Bond’s been through a lot of cars over the years, including some ones you wouldn’t expect…like a Ford Galaxie and an AMC Hornet…but we picked out three of our favorites: 

  • Sunbeam Tiger – This one dates back to the ’62 film “Dr. No”; in the early 60s, Carroll Shelby took the cute, mild-mannered little Sunbeam Alpine roadster and jammed Ford’s 260 V8 into it. Bond put this little sleeper to good use, of course.

  • Toyota 2000 GT – Featured in ‘67’s “You Only Live Twice,” Toyota’s 2000 GT was one of the first serious sports cars from Japan. Only 337 were produced between ’67 and ’70, but its swoopy coke-bottle lines and potent inline-6 engine made it a great choice for Bond. Though the car was never offered as a convertible, two quasi-convertibles were made especially for the film.

  • Aston Martin DBS – Intended as the successor to the DB6, the DBS was featured in ‘69’s “)n Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” The DBS featured a 325 horsepower V8 and updated styling; although it featured none of the gadgets of other Bond-mobiles, we like the DBS for its sharp looks and high performance trappings.