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Throwback Thursday: 1970 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda

In 1970, the Barracuda had been redesigned from the ground up with a new body style and a shorter, wider version of Chrysler’s B-body, now called the E-body. The radical-looking new ‘Cuda (whose styling is revisited in the modern Dodge Challenger) was available with two versions of the venerable Slant 6 6-cylinder, as well as the 318 V8, 383 two-barrel, 383 four-barrel/dual exhaust, or 440 Super Commando, or the 440 six-barrel Super Commando Six Pak.

The top of the performance heap, however, was the 426 Hemi V8. The 440 Six Pak dialed in at around 390 horsepower, but the dual-four-barrel equipped 426 delivered 425 horsepower, propelling it to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds (in stock form). The Hemi Cuda could make the quarter-mile run in 14 seconds flat, topping 100 mph easily.

As if the outrageous engine wasn’t enough, the Hemi Cuda was available in colors like Plum Crazy Purple, In-Violet, Sassy Grass Green, Vitamin C Orange and Moulin Rouge. Inside, you could get the Hemi car with niceties like a pistol grip 4-speed shifter, the Tuff steering wheel, air conditioning, upgraded trim and more.

Today, the Hemi Cuda from ’70 is a scarce-as-hen’s-teeth car. So exactly how scarce? Plymouth wedged the Hemi engine into only 652 cars in ’70, with fourteen uber-rare convertibles. The combination of sexy looks, tire-boiling American brute power and overall charisma means that the Hemi Cuda now brings more money than a Ferrari from the same period when it’s auction time.

So exactly what kind of money do they bring?

A ’70 Plymouth Hemi Cuda recently sold for $3,200,000 at auction.