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TBT: 5 Movie Cars We Want

Let’s get right to it here, shall we? 

  • The DeLorean from “Back to the Future” – The DeLorean was as much a product of the 80s as anything you can think of. With its brushed-stainless skin, angular body lines, gullwing doors and complicated backstory involving the flamboyant John Z. DeLorean himself, the car wasn’t an especially strong performer…but it sure does sum up a point in time nicely.
  • The green Dodge Charger from “Bullitt” – Yes, everyone loves Steve McQueen’s Mustang from the movie…but we kinda prefer the 440-powered Dodge Charger that met a spectacular end. Something about the Charger is more menacing and brutal than the Mustang. Maybe it’s the two guys in the car, one of whom was a veteran stunt driver and actor. Speaking of veteran stunt drivers and actors…


  • Jim Rockford’s gold Firebird from “The Rockford Files” – No, it wasn’t a Trans-Am. James Garner was a fearless stunt driver and racing enthusiast; after trying several cars, the 350-powered Firebird Esprit was his choice for ride, wheelbase and handling. Garner did all his own stunt driving on the show, until the insurance company found out and insisted that the producers use stunt drivers. They tried hired stunt drivers, but their driving was so timid that Garner was snuck back behind the wheel of the Firebird again!
  • The Pontiac GTO from “xXx” – Vin Diesel may never get an Academy Award for his acting in “xXx,” but that black GTO is pretty memorable. Who cares if they sometimes cheated with a LeMans for some shots, the car is pretty badass anyway, isn’t it?


  • The V8 Interceptor from “Mad Max” – In the movie that put Mel Gibson on the map 30-some years ago, he was behind the wheel of a mysterious-looking muscle car that had the road practically to itself. Turns out it was an Australian Ford XB Falcon coupe, which was roughly similar to the Torino of the early 70s. Who cares – it was ominous and ugly and the perfect ride for a rogue cop out for post-apocalyptic revenge.