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Sumitomo High Performance Tires for the Price-Savvy Consumer


With the way the economy is these days, everyone is looking for a deal. From flat screen TVs, to iPods, to new video games, retailers are doing everything they can to bring consumers in to shop in their stores. This has now trickled down to the automotive sector.  Recently Sumitomo Tires launched a new high performance tire line geared to the price-savvy consumer - the Sumitomo HTR A/S P01. 

The Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 Tires (High Tech Radial All Season Premium 1st Generation) feature the optimal combination of high performance and all season abilities.  Such features include a five-rib direction pattern that creates a quick and fast steering response.  Four grooves in the tread help wick away water to enhance wet traction performance.  The HTR A/S P01 also features multiple directional grooves and sipes that provide the tire with more bite for those wet and snow-covered roads in the winter time.  And all of these features include a 40,000 mile limited tread life warranty. 

With a multitude of sizes including H and V speed ratings, the Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 is sure to meet the all season driving needs of most coupes, sport cars, and sedans.  With their perfect blending of dry and wet road performance, wintertime traction and reasonable price point, the HTR A/S P01 would be a perfect addition to your vehicle.