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SimpleTire Review: Hankook I*Pike RW11 & i*cept Evo W310

Hankook I*Pike RW11 Review

This affordable winter tire from Hankook is designed using their eco-friendly winter tread formulation, molded into a symmetrical winter tread pattern with a distinct center section and wraparound shoulder blocks. The central grooves on the I*Pike RW11 move water and slush away from the tire’s footprint for excellent traction. The I*Pike RW11 can be used with studs for extreme conditions (where legal), and is designed with a 6-row stud pin arrangement for minimized noise and excellent stud retention. The tread’s block stiffness is optimized and applied through the combination of wave and step kerf, making it an especially good choice for SUVs and light trucks.

The I*Pike RW11 delivers exceptional braking and acceleration performance on wintry surfaces, however it tends to be a bit rougher on dry pavement. It’s a winter tire, after all, and is designed for use in sub-freezing temps; warmer temperatures will accelerate tread wear. 

Hankook i*cept Evo W310 Review

The i*cept Evo W310 from Hankook is a winter tire that’s designed to perform and ride like a grand touring tire, with sporty looks and great handling response in cold weather. The i*cept Evo W310 is designed with a winter tread compound that stays flexible in sub-freezing weather for enhanced traction, and an advanced-pitch, asymmetrical tread pattern for stable steering feel. An outer longitudinal rib block helps provide exceptional braking performance, with three straight longitudinal grooves to maximize the tire’s resistance to hydroplaning. Circumferential sipes help provide extra biting surfaces in difficult winter conditions.