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SimpleTire Comparison: Hankook Winter i*Pike vs Dunlop Graspic

The Hankook Winter iPike is a great choice for drivers of smaller sedans or crossovers who need an affordable winter tire. The Winter iPike W409’s tread formulation is designed to stay flexible in subfreezing temperatures, with a wider footprint for more positive handling. A dense pattern of sipes at the center of the tread enhance traction in wet, snow and slush, with an innovative V-shaped tread pattern to move water away from the tire’s footprint. The Winter iPike W409 can also be equipped with six rows of studs for extreme conditions (where legal).

The Dunlop Graspic DS-3 is another great choice for cars, minivans and light trucks that need a tire for harsh winter conditions. Dunlop has developed a unique silica-based glass fiber tread formulation for traction and control at sub-freezing temperatures, designed with their novel Digital Rolling Simulation II modeling. This computer modeling helps enhance tread life and traction by evenly distributing pressure at the tire’s footprint, with a stiff tread pattern for predictable handling on dry pavement. The Graspic DS-3 incorporates Miura-shaped sipes cut into the tread for thousands of biting edges to get you through slush and snow.

Both tires are excellent for drivers who need a reliable snow/winter tire to get them through the cold months, but would prefer a tire that doesn’t feel or drive like a winter tire; quiet, predictable handling, and a forgiving ride.