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Simple Tire Review: Nokian Hakkapeliitta

Nokian Hakkapelitta 5 

Designed for SUV’s, the Nokian Hakkapelitta 5 is a winter tire that provides excellent, stable handling and first-rate surface grip. Nokian’s ecologically-friendly winter tread compound incorporates rapeseed oil and low-aromatic formulations for grip, flexibility and low rolling resistance, with a double block tread compound for traction in deep snow. Polished main grooves help evacuate snow and slush from the tire’s contact patch; tread wear indicators alert the driver to minimum tread depth. Lastly, the Nokian Hakkapelitta 5 can be set up with studs for extreme condition, where legal.

The Nokian Hakkapelitta 5 is truly a winter tire, with an aggressive tread pattern and higher noise than all-season tires, but it more than makes up for the noise with exceptional traction in winter conditions. Like all winter tires, it’s advisable to only use the Hakkapelitta 5 in subfreezing temperatures; warmer temperatures and dry pavement will accelerate tread wear. 

Nokian Hakkapeliita 7 Review

Designed for heavier vehicles like full-size sedans and SUVs, the Nokian Hakkapeliita 7 is a winter tire that uses an environmentally-friendly winter tread compound, with silica, canola oil and non-aromatic oils for low rolling resistance, cold-weather flexibility and excellent traction properties. The Hakkapeliita 7 uses a symmetrical, directional tread design that can be used with rows of studs for extreme weather conditions (where legal); the tread’s center is designed for dry asphalt, with straight shoulders and a supporting rib at center. Nokian’s innovative Air Claw technology puts a layer of air between the studs and the tire’s carcass, cushioning the ride and dampening tire noise. The Hakkapeliita 7 is also available with run-flat technology, a unique feature among winter tires.