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Simple Tire Review: Nitto Motivo

I’ve got an older Chrysler 300 with high miles on it, and have always leaned toward grand touring or all-season tires to bring out the best in handling for my car, while still offering a good ride and low road noise. I went with Nitto Motivo this time around, and the Motivos do a very good job of connecting 300-plus horsepower to the pavement.

They’re quiet and forgiving, without transmitting much vibration or harshness from the road up through the steering wheel, and they don’t get rattled easily on irregular road surfaces. In the rain, they’ve got some pretty good-size tread grooves and channels that help direct water away from the tire’s contact patch, so I don’t really have many complaints about wet traction either. They may not stick to the pavement like ultra-high-performance summer tires (I don’t know, since I’ve never owned a set of those on a vehicle), so they may not be what you want for something like, say, a Porsche 911. For my sedan, though, I really have few gripes on these, after 35k or so miles, and would definitely own another set of Nitto Motivo tires. 


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