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Simple Tire Review: Mastercraft Tires Review

Mastercraft is a sub-brand of the respected Cooper Tire name, and specializes in passenger car, light truck, SUV, winter and commercial tires. Here’s a sampling of some of what Mastercraft Tires has to offer:

  • Avenger Touring LSR - Designed for drivers who want ride comfort and handling in a touring tire, Mastercraft’s Avenger Touring LSR uses a chemically-coupled silica/carbon black tread compound for long life and traction. The polymer matrix in the tread compound means lower rolling resistance and flexibility and low temperatures. The Avenger Touring LSR uses a 5-rib tread design with sipes for all-weather traction, helping earn the industry’s Mountain + Snowflake stamp.

  • Courser AXT - Here’s an all-terrain tire for great off-road performance and confident road manners. The Courser AXT uses a 5-rib all-terrain design with aggressive intermediate tread elements tied together in pairs with a unique ramp-lock design. The circumferential grooves use an innovative zigzag shape with alternating shoulder scallops. The Mastercraft Courser AXT is rated with a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty.

  • Roadmaster RM851 (EM) - Designed for commercial vehicles, the Roadmaster RM851 (EM) is a drive position tire with a tread compound formulated for low rolling resistance and good fuel efficiency. The solid shoulder ribs are designed for even wear in long haul applications, with lugs for traction in rain and snow.
  • Courser MSR - Perfect for snowy climates, the Courser MSR light truck tire provides great traction in snow and ice. The Courser MSR uses deep sipes for extra biting edges in snowy conditions, with patented “snow-groove” technology. Snow-on-snow actually gets better traction than snow-on-rubber, and the Courser MSR is designed to retain snow at the outer grooves to take advantage of this. The Courser MSR is also designed to be used with tire studs in states where they are allowed.

  • Mastercraft Strategy - Designed for drivers looking for touring performance in an affordable tire, the Strategy is an all-season tire with a long-wearing tread compound (rated at 65,000 mile treadwear warranty). The Strategy’s notched center rib and shoulder slots are designed to move water away from the tread contact area, with sipes for winter traction and a computer-designed tread pattern to keep highway noise to a minimum.