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Saving Money When Replacing Tires

Any vehicle owners who have owned a car or truck for some time will eventually need to replace their tires. Since tires can be expensive, many car owners decide to save money by looking for some bargains. But the pertinent issue is not how much you save on tires, but how safe are the tires that you are buying. Your personal safety and the safety of your family and friends, depends on the quality of your tires among other safety features of your car.

Price Vs Quality

While price is certainly a major consideration, it should not be the only factor in your tire buying decision. Tires connect your vehicle to the road. When you are driving at higher rates of speed on a freeway or around corners on a mountain road, a blowout may possibly be fatal. Used tires may satisfy your current budget, but isn’t it worth spending a little extra money for the benefit of much greater safety? The ideal solution is to get some brand new tires at a price you can afford. New tires can also be found on sale many times. New tires need not be real expensive. Smart shoppers can find new tires at a discount.

Shopping Online

While it is easy to find used tires at a real cheap price, it takes a little more effort to find new tires at a discount price. One good place to look for some affordable new tires is on the Internet. This is because you can quickly compare prices and reviews without spending all day calling around various tire stores or driving around from one to another. With your mouse and keypad, you can get the same information in fact you can get even more and possibly even more accurate information about the right tires for your car at a price that fits your budget. Many people are buying cheap tires online.

One interesting feature about online tire research is that the price you may have found at your local tire dealer may be even less online. This is because of the lower overhead online. The websites offering high prices will not get as many sales as those selling the exact same tires for less. The most popular brands are Michelin, Goodyear, and BF Goodrich. These are also often cheaper than other tire brands becuase of competition. However, good deals can also be found with other brands as well such as Bridgestone, Firestone, and Cooper Tires. So, it pays to see what tire works best for your car.

What To Look For When Shopping online

Here are a few questions you should ask when shopping for tires online.

1. Does the tire comply with the manufacturers suggested recommendations?

2. What does the tire placard on your car reccomend?

Usually this is placed in one of several common areas:

(a) on the driver’s side door jam

(b) on the underside of the lid of the cars trunk

(c ) inside the glove compartment.

3. What is the recommended tire size for your vehicle?

4. What is the recommended maximum load for your car?

5. What is the recommended tire pressure from the manufacturer?

Answers to question 3,4, and 5 are usually found in the car owner’s manual.

Receiving Your Tires From A Website

There are a few ways that you will receive your tires once you buy them online. One is that the online tire dealer ships them to your local tire dealer, auto shop, or mechanic for you to have them installed. The other is that it is shipped to your front door via a shipping service like UPS or Fed-Ex.

In Assessing Pricing, Factor Other Fees

Besides the cost of buying the tires which also may include shipping, other fees may include disposal fees for your car’s older tires, labor costs for installation and tire balancing costs. Despite these costs, your online purchase is usually still much cheaper.


About the Author

Todd Hebert is a writer and blogger for the Automotive industry.