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Simple Tire Roundup: Mud Terrain Tires

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First, let’s clear up any potential confusion about all-terrain vs. mud-terrain tire.

All-terrain tires are designed for a whole range of off-road conditions, which could include large rocks and boulders, snow, gravel, loose dirt, sand, mud, you name it. Mud-terrain are specifically designed for mud. While the two designs are similar, mud-terrain tires have a more “open” tread pattern that helps the tires claw through mud, with open segments (or “voids) designed to eject the mud and debris, giving the tire a clean area to grip with as it turns. Mud tires also use a softer rubber formulation for enhanced traction, flexibility and better contact. One similiarity between the two is that you can find both online.

  • Dick Cepek Mud Country -- Get down and dirty with the Cepek Mud Country, a tough-looking off-road tire with siped tread lugs for better grip on ice or smooth surfaces and an extra-wide footprint for better traction and even wear. 3-ply sidewalls incorporate cross-ply technology for towing capacity, puncture and tear resistance, better handling and superior aired-down off-road performance. Stepped tread blocks and large void ratio helps with self-cleaning for excellent off-road mud traction. Choose from black or outlined white letter sidewall.
  • Toyo Open Country HT -- Designed for light trucks, SUVs and crossovers, the Toyo Open Country HT is an excellent choice in an all-season tire that offers a balance of comfortable ride, quiet performance on the highway and sure handling in city or open-road driving. The Toyo Open Country HT incorporates a symmetrical, non-directional tread design that allows tires to be cross-rotated to reduce irregular wear. Variable-pitch tread blocks are tuned to help suppress the noise generated between road and tire, with two deep water evacuation grooves to help fight hydroplaning.
  • Toyo Open Country AT -- If you have occasion to take it off-road sometimes, you can’t go wrong with the Toyo Open Country AT. The Toyo Open Country AT is designed for 40% longer service life and more even tread wear than the leading competitors…so much so that Toyo is confident enough to offer an unprecedented 65,000 mile warranty and their No Regrets ® 45-day, 500-mile trial offer. The Open Country AT is a great-looking Mountain/Snow rated tire for trucks and SUVs, one that offers unbeatable traction without compromising handling, ride comfort or stability on- or off-road.