Performance Tire Roundup

Performance cars need performance tires. But what’s the difference between performance tires and ordinary touring tires?

Performance tires are usually made with a softer tread compound for “stickiness” and improved grip, reaction and handling on dry pavement – the compromise is in shorter tread life. Many true performance tires also don’t do well in colder weather, and many drivers switch over to all-season or winter tires in colder months.

Tires with H or V speed ratings are typically considered “performance touring” tires, and many are designed for all-season wear. Tires with the W, Y or Z rating (and an aspect ratio of less than 55) are ultra-high-performance tires, designed for high-speed handling.

We rounded up a few of our best-selling performance tires for you to consider: 

  • Sonar S990 Performance X/P – The Sonar S990 Performance X/P is designed with a two-in-one spiral pattern and a larger block at the tire shoulder for stability and hard cornering. Tread includes two straight broad grooves and asymmetric spiral-shaped sipe pattern for a 35% contact patch and reduced tendency toward hydroplaning.

  • Vanderbilt Grand Prix Performance GT – If you’re looking for an all-season performance tire, look no further. The good-looking Vanderbilt Grand Prix Performance GT features a flatter tread profile for improved cornering, a performance all-season tread pattern and outline white letters on the sidewall. S and T speed rated.

  • Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance 2 – Here’s a performance tire that’s suitable for winter conditions, with the industry’s Mountain/Snowflake stamp on the sidewall. The Ultra Grip Performance 2’s tread compound uses an optimized blend of polymers and silica technology for flexibility at low temperatures. It also features a directional tread design with Goodyear’s Hydrodynamic V grooves to evacuate water and slush, with a sawtooth pattern of intermediate grooves and 3D sipes at the shoulder and 2D zigzag sipes toward the center.